Lindsay Lohan Recreates an Iconic 'Parent Trap' Moment on TikTok

The actress played twins Hallie and Annie Parker in the 1998 film.

Lindsay Lohan is throwing it back to one of her most iconic roles. The actress recently took to TikTok to recreate one of her famous lines from The Parent Trap. “you heard it here first. #theparenttrap,” she captioned the video.  

In the clip, Lohan looks at the camera as she delivers the line. “Yes, you want to know the difference between us,” before switching gears and mouthing the line delivered by her other character, Annie: “I have class and you don’t." 

So far, the video has been watched over 2 million times.  

In The Parent Trap, Lohan played twins Hallie and Annie Parker, who find out that they were separated by their parents, played by Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson. The girls finally discover each other, after ending up at the same camp. 

In June, Lohan shared a picture of herself in character, holding on to her little brother, Cody, in honor of his birthday.

“Love you so much Dakota! So blessed to be your big sister. Wishing you the best of best birthdays! Love you 😘 @dakotalohan," Lohan captioned the cute photo, outside of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben in London, where several scenes in the movie were filmed.  

Although she uses the app sparingly, the Mean Girls actress is no stranger to TikTok. Prior to her latest video, the actress shared clips of her Super Bowl spot with Planet Fitness. Earlier this month, Lohan filmed a video making her official debut.  

“I’m on Tiktok Now! 🥰 #imontiktoknow,” she captioned the video.  

“Hey everyone, it’s Lindsay Lohan,” the Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen star told the camera. “And, guess what? Now, I’m on TikTok.”