Lindsay Lohan Reveals Her Plans for Wedding to Fiancé Bader Shammas

With a wedding in the works, newly engaged Lindsay Lohan is calling herself a "very lucky girl."

Consider these the confessions of a bride-to-be!

Newly engaged and back in the spotlight, Lindsay Lohan shed some light on what she wants for her wedding to fiancé Bader Shammas. In a new interview with Good Morning America, the 35-year-old actress revealed her vision for her upcoming nuptials. 

"I want to keep it small and intimate and just, you know, family-focused and just really beautiful," she shared. "Happy, exciting moment."

Smiling from ear to ear, the star clearly had hearts in her eyes as she proclaimed, "I'm a very lucky girl and he’s a very lucky man."

While the star fields wedding-related questions, she'll be on the minds of many come Super Bowl Sunday when her new spot for Planet Fitness airs. In it, she turns her history of legal troubles into a punchline, at one point bedazzling an ankle monitor. 

"You have to poke fun at things, bring light to the situation…because I’m in such a good place to talk about it," she said. "This is the final, the last time we’ll go backwards and bring up the past."

Years removed from her headline-making past, Lohan credits soul-searching, exercise, and new surroundings with reaching this point. "And really a lot of it was change of scenery -- people, places and things -- a lot of that made a big difference," she said. "And then not filming for so long and not making movies for a long time, especially during the pandemic, that really made me appreciate it more and miss it so much more that I knew I was ready to come back."