Lisa Vanderpump Reacts to Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz's Split and Future of 'Vanderpump Rules' (Exclusive)

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Lisa Vanderpump is weighing in on Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz's split. ET's Brice Sander spoke with the 61-year-old restaurateur at her new Las Vegas eatery, Vanderpump à Paris, and she gave her take on news of the Vanderpump Rules stars' pending divorce.

"I officiated that wedding," Vanderpump said of the 2016 televised ceremony. "I wrote those vows. They just had one job, to stick to them, right?"

Katie Maloney, Lisa Vanderpump and Tom Schwartz Vanderpump Rules

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz tied the knot during an August 2016 wedding ceremony that aired on Vanderpump Rules's fifth season and was officiated by Lisa Vanderpump.

Brian Baer/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

In all seriousness, Vanderpump said the split is "a very complicated situation" and expressed her support for both Maloney and Schwartz.

"I love them," she said. "Hopefully we'll get deeper into that as time goes on and we'll see what transpires."

As for the Bravo series, Vanderpump told ET that she doesn't know the future of the show, which wrapped its ninth season in January.

"There's a story. There's always a lot of commenting going on, as we've seen," she said. "I’m not allowed to say exactly, but remember, I always know more than you do. I’m not ready to give up my throne yet."

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump arrived at her grand opening of Vanderpump à Paris at Paris Las Vegas on April 21.

Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

"We are 10 years in, but I think this show is always evolving. There is just so much content, because these relationships are so authentic," Vanderpump added. "There are always a lot of stories to tell. I can't say whether it’s coming back yet because I don’t know... You have to wait and see."

If the show did return, Vanderpump isn't opposed to welcoming back past cast members, some of whom left after stirring up controversies.

"I was very open about hating the whole cancel culture kind of sentiment, because they're young and they are silly, and they make mistakes," Vanderpump explained. "I think on the show we see a lot of that. It was the sign of the times. I understand why Bravo had to do that, to make a stand, but I always believe in people learning from [their mistakes,] getting second chances, and growing."

"There are a lot of mistakes we all make when we are younger, and we are not always held accountable," she continued. "... I would have slapped their wrists, smacked their bottoms, and said, 'OK, let's work through this and let's have a better understanding of empathy and really grow from this situation.'"

Whether or not the show does air a 10th season, Vanderpump shut down the possibility that it'd follow her work in Las Vegas, where Vanderpump à Paris is now open at Paris Las Vegas.

"My partner and I, we have worked so hard just to get this done," she said of Nick Alain. "It has been riddled with challenges -- my broken leg, the pandemic, getting it open. This has been enough for me. It really has."

"It has been very difficult," Vanderpump added. "So many people that I know have gone under. It seems 100,000 restaurants went out of business in America, so I couldn’t afford that luxury of rest and relaxation."

The broken leg Vanderpump referred to happened after a horseback riding accident in February. Just a week after that, Vanderpump contracted COVID-19

"It's been such a challenge working through the pandemic [with] restaurants being hit so hard. It’s been such a tough couple of years, so to bring this to fruition is so exciting," she said of the restaurant. "I had to deal with COVID a week after I broke my leg in four places, so we've been held up, but we power through, and we're open on schedule."

The setbacks didn't slow Vanderpump down, as she handled preparations for the restaurant while on "a little motor car."

"I was crazy on that, but I’m back in heels. That was my target for the opening," she said. "One [foot is] a little bit swollen, but I’m kind of getting there. [It's been a] miraculous recovery. I had four fractures, I had a plate, five pins, and two screws, but I’m here and I’m walking."

Vanderpump isn't sure if she'll get back on a horse anytime soon, telling ET she's "just a little bit" scared at the prospect. It's something she'll reconsider, though, after she "fulfills all my obligations" at Vanderpump à Paris, a restaurant she called "so unique."

"It's a playground here. There are huge statements. It's decadent. The food's very playful. The cocktail list is off the hook. It's just so gorgeous in here," she gushed of the space. "... Everything in here is bespoke. It's couture. I think when you come in here, you'll think, 'I’ve never seen anything like it'... This is probably the most romantic restaurant I have ever been into. That's what we set out to achieve... It's sexy, it's naughty, it's fun, and it's very luxurious."


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