Lisa Vanderpump Says 'Vanderpump Rules' Season 6 Features Her Biggest Disappointment Ever (Exclusive)

To top it off, the queen of SUR tells ET it’s not about Jax Taylor cheating on Brittany Cartwright.

The first two, jaw-dropping episodes of Vanderpump Rules are nothing compared to the rest of the season, according to Lisa Vanderpump.

Season six opened with a bang (no pun intended) when it was revealed that Jax Taylor cheated on longtime girlfriend Brittany Cartwright with her friend and former SUR co-worker, Faith Stowers. At first Jax denied Faith's claims, but by episode two he confessed to doing the deed.

“Trust me, I'm the producer on that show, and when I saw episode two, I'm thinking, 'This should be the finale,’” Lisa tells ET. “It's so explosive. It's like, how did we get there so quickly? We got there because Jax Taylor is driving that bus.”

“It's a fast and furious ride,” she adds. “Anything that starts with 'I heard' I normally don't believe, but when it comes to Jax Taylor, unfortunately, I do. So, he's guilty kind of before he's proven innocent … He doesn't understand that life's not all about him. If you're in a relationship, it's about your partner's feelings and I think that's one thing we want to see.”

In somewhat surprising news, Jax and Brittany are still together in the present day (this season of Vanderpump Rules started filming in May of 2017), so they obviously work through the cheating situation.

“You're going to see how this plays out,” Lisa teases. “I'm not going to give you the final pages of the book. We just started. We're in the preface here … There are a lot of women that put up with a lot of things that maybe some other women wouldn't, right? And I think we don't know, really, what the benefits are that they're experiencing and might supersede the downfall, so to speak.”

“We need to strip him naked and really see what's going on down there,” she jokes. “Something is keeping her glued there.”

Still, the drama between Jax and Brittany is not the most shocking thing to go down this season. As Lisa notes, there are 24 episodes, and you can pack a lot in. In fact, Lisa says her biggest disappointment with this group -- ever -- goes down later in the season.

“I've seen, this season, something with [Tom Schwartz] that I wasn't happy with,” she shares. “And I have a lot invested in Schwartzie and a lot invested in Katie [Maloney], so anytime he even put a foot wrong, that would not make me happy.”

Tom and Katie alluded to some issues when ET caught up with them in November, but it doesn’t appear to be a cheating situation.

“We're so much more happy,” Katie said. “I've learned to not let my emotions run rampant and take a breath and, you know, especially with him, if we want to communicate and be productive, then there's a way to do that and it doesn't involve calling each other names and yelling.”

Fans will have to tune into Vanderpump Rules every Monday night at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo to see what exactly goes down. In the meantime, check out the links and video below for more on the show.