Lizzo’s Flirty Response Took Niall Horan by Surprise: 'I Actually Started Blushing Myself'

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Lizzo made Niall Horan blush!

When the 26-year-old former One Direction singer stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, he recounted what went down when he met Lizzo, 31, in London, England.

"I was in London doing a radio performance in the studio and she was coming in to do an interview as well. And someone said, 'Oh Lizzo's here. She'd love to meet you!'" he recalled. "So we're passing in the corridor and I said, 'Ah, lovely to meet you!' Gave her a big hug. [I told her,] 'Your voice is incredible. Your songs are amazing. You're absolutely smashing it.'"

"And literally without missing a beat she just went, 'You could smash this,'" Horan continued. "And I was just like [clapping with my jaw dropping]. I was just like, 'Fair play.' I actually started blushing myself."

Horan first described the encounter on Ash London Live, admitting he "went a bit red in the face."

The "Nice to Meet Ya" singer has been busy on a promotional tour as of late and gearing up to release his second solo album in early 2020. Before then, though, Horan will appear as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, which has made him admittedly nervous.

"I mean it's SNL. I know you come from there, so maybe not, but for us it's like, the GRAMMYs and SNL are like one and two right next to each other," Horan told Fallon. "To get the call from [SNL creator] Lorne [Michaels] to say that you're gonna be a musical guest is pretty sweet. So I get, like, proper nervous."

Horan will take the SNL stage this week, while Scarlett Johansson is set to host the show.


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