Lola Consuelos Talks Growing Up in Front of 'Live' Audiences and Her Music Career (Exclusive)

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos' daughter is forging her own path.

Lola Consuelos is opening up about growing up in front of TV audiences. In a conversation with ET's Rachel Smith, the 22-year-old daughter of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, who's gearing up to release her second single, "Divine Timing," discusses being a frequent topic of conversation on Live With Kelly and Mark.

While Lola admits that there "probably were moments" of embarrassment from her mom's morning show reveals over the years, she says she "wasn't even that upset about it, because I can't really think about it now, which is a great thing."

"They know me inside and out, so I think they know by this point what line they shall and shall not cross," Lola says of her parents. "... They never actually really cross a line. We have a very respectful relationship, so there's never been a real moment where I'm like, 'Oh my god, why would you share that?'"

Also, Lola, who has two siblings, Michael, 26, and Joaquin, 20, notes that her parents are "very aware that my brothers and I are on social media and that we see what they post, and so they know better now" than to embarrass their offspring.

While Kelly and Mark are careful about what they share on both TV and social media, they don't hold back on giving their kids advice as they enter adulthood.

"[They tell me] just to stay humble, respectful, kind, and hardworking," Lola says. "It's always been their priority in raising my brothers and I, just how to act in general, not even just in specifically your career, but everyday life."

As for what Lola's career will look like, she's opted not to go into acting, unlike her former soap star parents and her older brother.

"Never once have I ever felt the need to do that because they do that," she says of acting, before noting that she "wouldn't really rule out" the possibility of doing so in the future.

For now, though, Lola's music is her "main priority." After releasing her debut single, "Paranoia Silverlining" last summer, Lola is getting ready to put out her second song, "Divine Timing."

"The inspiration behind 'Divine Timing' is how the universe is looking out for you... maybe not at the exact time or moment that you want, which I think is relatable in relationships, friendships," she says, before noting that the meaning of the song is "really up for interpretation" because she wants her "listeners just to be able to kind of make whatever they want with my music."

For Lola, who describes her "soulful" music as "a little R&B and maybe a bit alternative," putting out songs that are "definitely authentic" to her is "the most important thing."

"Everyone always asks me, 'Is your music about specific people?' I've only released two songs, but truly both of them are not necessarily about anything, anyone specific, but definitely situations that maybe I've endured multiple times or that I know a friend has or a family member [who has]," she says. "When it's specific, I feel like everyone will know."

Lola, who notes that she's "always thinking about new things to write about," is "really happy that I'm at a place where I feel comfortable and excited enough to wanna release my music."

"I think next is going to be an EP for sure and then hopefully an album after that," she says of her career trajectory. "Live performing is something I wanna do 100 percent. I just wanna make sure I'm comfortable with the music I'm putting out, I'm happy with it, and I'm ready for that, which I feel like I am. But I don't feel the need to rush anything, because I'm enjoying what I'm doing so much that I'm just trying to let it flow naturally."

"Divine Timing" will be available to stream on July 14.