Lori Harvey Talks Naked Wardrobe Collection and the Celebrity She'd Love to See Wear It (Exclusive)

Lori Harvey
Naked Wardrobe

The 24-year-old has recently partnered with the clothing line for a body inclusive collection.

Lori Harvey wants her new collection with Naked Wardrobe to embrace all shapes and sizes. The 24-year-old released a new line on Tuesday which features a variety of crop tops and sweatpants in neutrals such as black, white, mocha, chocolate brown, and heather grey. The looks range in size from XXS to 3XL. 

"Having friends and family members who are plus sized and I wanted them to be included in my collection," Lori tells ET's Carly Sloane. "I want all women to feel confident, sexy and comfortable in this collection. Body inclusivity means celebrating all women. It means celebrating all shapes and sizes, and letting them know they are beautiful."

Describing her own style as a "a mix between girly and tomboy," Lori adds that she feels her best in sweats. 

"I can dress them up or down for whatever occasion," she shares.

As for the dream celebrity she'd like to see modeling her looks -- there's one in particular she has in mind. 

"I would love to see Beyonce in my collection, that would be amazing!" she gushes over Queen Bey. 

One celeb who likely will be seen wearing her fashions is dad Steve Harvey. The Family Feud host adopted Lori in 2007 when he married her mom, Marjorie Bridges. 

"He loves the line. He actually asked for a pair of the joggers in a bigger size because they look and feel so comfy!" Lori shares of Steve. "He’s always super supportive, he gives me great business advice and talks through all of my business ideas with me as well."

And what kind of fashion advice does Steve get in return?

"The best fashion advice I’ve given to my dad was to start wearing tailored suits," she says, laughing. 

Lori Harvey's Naked Wardrobe collection is available at NakedWardrobe.com, Nordstrom.com, in addition to select Nordstrom stores nationwide. The sizes range from XXS to 3XL and range in price from $38 to $56.