'Love Is Blind': Are Lauren and Cameron Getting Their Own Spinoff? (Exclusive)

A show dedicated to the fan-favorite couple? Sign us up!

Could a Love Is Blind spinoff be in the works at Netflix?

Ever since the streaming service released their season one finale last week, fans on social media have expressed their interest in a show that would exclusively follow the continued love story of Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton. No surprise there, of course, as the internet has been rooting for these two to make it work since episode one of the addictive dating experiment.

While co-hosting Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, Lauren and Cameron -- who have been happily married since the show wrapped in November 2018 -- shared whether they'd be down for another reality show.

"We're hoping so. Spinoff gods, if you're listening, let's make it happen," Lauren said, manifesting the dream series. "We would love to continue sharing our story with everybody. I feel like all the juicy stuff is just now happening. Like, this is the good stuff!"

"We just love working together and spending time together and going on these little adventures," Cameron added. "So, we hope so. Let's see what happens."

For now, Lauren and Cameron are just focusing on strengthing the bond they first developed in the pods. At the tell-all reunion taping that was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, last month, the two told ET they've also discussed the possibility of having kids. 

"Maybe by this time next year. Little Valentine's babies," said Lauren, who recently talked Cameron into getting a "fur baby" dog named Sparks. "I never would have expected that I'd be this happy. It's been a wonderful adventure. Every day is something new."

"I mean, my paternal instinct is kicking in pretty hardcore," Cameron added. "We are really excited."

Hear more in the video below.


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