'Love Is Blind' Relationship Update: Who's Still Married, Giving Love Another Chance and More (Exclusive)

'Love Is Blind' Cast: Where Are They Now?

ET breaks down who from the show is still married, giving love another shot and more nearly two years after filming wrapped.

It's hard to believe it's already been five months since Netflix aired the tell-all reunion special for Love Is Blind.

There were plenty of tears, heartfelt apologies and some very dramatic moments that went down as six of the eight couples who got engaged in the pods came together for the first time since filming wrapped nearly two years ago. Who knew that just a few weeks later, we'd all be at home in our own "pods" due to the coronavirus pandemic?

Well, that got us thinking: Have the couples who got married survived quarantine life together? Who from the cast is still single, and has anyone given dating a shot amid a pandemic? Here's what ET uncovered!


We're happy to report that everyone's favorite lovebirds are still going strong! It appears the two have really been enjoying all the extra time together, getting creative with outdoor picnic dates, workouts, TikTok videos and more. Lauren and Cam recently traveled back to Mexico (where all the couples spent their “proposalmoon” on the Netflix show) for a relaxing stay at the Grand Velas Riviera. While there, they pampered themselves with couples massages and ordered room service.

Lauren and Cam also told ET earlier this year that they were already having discussions about kids. "Maybe by this time next year. Little Valentine's babies," said Lauren, who recently talked Cameron into getting a "fur baby" dog named Sparks. "I never would have expected that I'd be this happy. It's been a wonderful adventure. Every day is something new."

Earlier this month, Cam told ET that he recently surprised Lauren with her dream car -- "a white Jeep like the one Cher has in Clueless" -- on the 25th anniversary of the movie’s release. "Other than that, we've been focused on renovating the house and making fun videos for our YouTube channel, Hanging With the Hamiltons," he added.


Still married, and still as cute as can be! ET spoke with the two in April, where they shared how life at home has been going amid quarantine.

"It's fun! We have to find our own personal space sometimes," Matthew joked. "I like video games a lot. I play lots of video games. Maybe too many video games. She didn't realize it until after, like, a year of being married that I played so much."

"A really big thing that's helped us through fights and everything is Pokemon Go," Amber added. "We play Pokemon together a lot and it helps get us out of the house, it gets us moving, it's something we can do while we walk the dog."


Despite what appeared to be their shocking ending on Love Is Blind, Gi and Damian are still going strong, nearly two years later! "I just helped Gi move into her new apartment," Damian told ET earlier this month. "We are still in separate homes but see each other every day."

"He recently drove 12 hours with me to help me get my first puppy, Georgia Peach," Gi added. "As for how my approach to love has changed since doing the show, [I'd say] never assume and keep an open mind. Even if you don't meet in the ideal world, it could still come out beautifully. We are definitely proof of that!"

The two have also been staying busy amid quarantine, working on their own personal projects while enjoying all the extra downtime together. 

"We've gone on adventures together around the Southeast to beaches and local escapes to strengthen our relationship and find ways to feed our souls in a world that has flipped upside down," Damian shared. "Long car rides are our favorite."


Fans who follow the blonde beauty on Instagram probably already know that she's in a new relationship. Jessica revealed back in July that she's dating Benjamin McGrath, a foot and ankle surgeon from California.

"It's been such a whirlwind and it was so exciting to share this recently," Jessica told ET in August, adding that she's learned a lot about the dating world since doing the show. "I move at my own pace and trust my instincts now more than ever. I still believe in setting boundaries and sticking by them."

"My patience has grown significantly. Almost being wed to the wrong person [Mark Cuevas] has scared me into being perfectly OK waiting however long it takes to find the right one," she continued. "There is no need to force something or trade off for non-negotiables. After that intense of an experience though, I try to go with the flow and have fun with it these days! Whatever is meant to be will be."

Currently, Jessica is enjoying her new life in Southern California with her dog, Payton, and staying positive amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"I'm working (from home) and enjoying the beach and road-tripping on my time off," she shared. "I am in the throws of writing a book which has been such an adventure and a great outlet."

"I am also getting close to releasing a special project I've been developing in the background for quite some time," she added. "It has a pretty cool name -- you may have caught this if you've been watching on Instagram. This one will pay it forward for the love and kindness I received amidst the craziness of the show. Can't wait to share more soon!"


Although things didn't end up working out with Jessica on the show, Mark confirmed to ET earlier this month that he, too, is in a new relationship, and couldn't be happier!

"I am honestly the happiest I have been in a really long time and I am genuinely thankful," he gushed. "I am definitely more aware of red flags and also being able to communicate a lot better. The whole experience taught me so much about myself and who I want to be as a partner."

"I have really dedicated my life to helping people through fitness," he added, of projects he's been keeping up with in quarantine. "It's what I love to do, and I'll be working on some more projects soon to help as many people as possible."


The empowerment/mindset coach also ended up calling it off with her partner on the show, Kenny Barnes, during the finale, but that hasn't stopped her from still having faith in love.

"I am single, but dating. Dating myself, mostly, but there is one guy I am exploring and learning more about," Kelly told ET earlier this month. "I am not in a place to share details about him specifically, but dating myself has been great! Being at home 90 percent of the time [right now], it gives me a lot of time for self-reflection, understanding what I need, how I want to love and how I want to receive love."

"I am keeping an open mind and open heart," she continued. "I am looking for someone who is equally going to be my cheerleader, as me his. Someone who will be vulnerable and communicate his deepest fears with me; be open to the mindset work I practice daily.  Be open to working with coaches to improve and strengthen our relationship, not when something is wrong, but simply to strengthen what we already have created."

Kelly said she also hopes this person will be "someone who kisses me hello, goodbye, goodnight, every time."

"A man who is open to change, that trusts that everything is happening as it should, and can easily pivot/transition when a challenge presents itself," she said. "Someone who empowers me to be a better person; and is open to receive the same empowerment, love and support. And that accepts not just me for me, but my family for who they are as well... and I the same for his family."

In the meantime, Kelly is focused on empowering others through her work, and staying connected with her family and friends, including those she met on Love Is Blind.

"I'm still friends with mostly everyone from the show! I have spent time with Jessica; she came to visit and I was able to meet her boyfriend. He's such a nice guy, great couple," she shared. "And I spent the Fourth of July with Giannina, Damian and Damian's sister. We had a little cookout, enjoyed life chats, played a card game, played with G's new super cute puppy, and enjoyed a batch of Giannina's infamous cookies!"

"Otherwise, I haven't seen anyone else in person but we all seem to keep up on the 'gram," she added. "Life is good, and it's happening exactly as it should."


While giving ET an update on his dating life in early August, Kenny shared that he's "happily in a relationship."

"Alexandra and I met through my younger sister at a brewery in Charlotte, North Carolina, in June of last year," he revealed. "From the moment between meeting and our first date, we talked over the phone every day as if it was something that had been routine our entire lives. Our first date happened to be at the Biltmore Estates in Asheville, North Carolina. Pre-COVID, we both travel a lot for work, so this was a 'central' location for us. Needless to say, we have been dating ever since."

"Before finding Alex, I placed an emphasis on being present, attentive, emotionally aware, vulnerable and honest about my wants and needs," he continued. "Candidly, I went on three dates after filming (all of which were arranged through dating apps) and I practiced a better sense of confidence regarding being honest about first impressions. I had a tendency to play into dates because I didn't want to upset someone, but in actuality, I was only prolonging the inevitable. Remaining true to what I needed and finding someone who shared similar goals, interests, faith, core values and respect for others nearly became prerequisites. I found those traits in Alex and am thankful for her every day."


The former NBA dancer told ET earlier this month that she's currently single, and looking for a "good, sensitive guy."

"Someone who is ready to be in a serious relationship, who would treat me like a queen," she marveled. "Someone who is funny and overall has really good Intentions, a great personality, and someone I can easily talk to."

"My approach to dating has definitely changed because I am more selective and picky to whom I allow in my personal life," she continued. "I have to make sure guys' intentions are sincere."

As she continues to look for love, Diamond has also been leveling up professionally in 2020. "I have started my own business. It is a jewelry and accessory line that launched this summer," she revealed. "I have also partnered with Tori Spelling with a beauty line, and this is not the last time you will see me on the TV screens. Stay tuned!" 


Carlton, who briefly dated Diamond on the show, also told ET earlier this month that he's currently single.

"There have been several people who have reached out via Instagram DMs but I'm just really in search of the right person. It has to feel right and I have to know it is someone who truly accepts me for me," he explained, of the type of person he's looking to date. "I am actively searching, however, and hopefully I find true love soon. I am anticipating it and so excited."

"I want my next partner to love God, family, me, and life. This person has to be loyal, trustworthy, driven, fun, and someone who exudes great energy," he added. "I want to be with the person who would ride in a Bentley or a bus, as long as we are next to each other ... I really just want the truest, most purest, beautiful, perfectly imperfect love story."

Carlton admitted that his approach to dating has definitely changed, in ways he never expected, since participating in the Love Is Blind experiment.

"Now I am a bit more reserved when it comes to responding to people's 'advances.' I understand not everyone has my best interest at heart," he explained. "Love Is Blind taught me that sometimes we fall for who we think someone could be, but then we are left disappointed when we are seemingly the only one invested in the relationship. I just feel like it almost made me a little more fearful of believing someone would love me for me and then one day one argument could delete all of that 'love.' I still cannot process it. However, it also makes me feel like, 'Wow, this cannot be it. There has to be a true love for me. I deserve that!' Love Is Blind taught me you never know what may happen with love unless you take a chance. I can at least say I poured my entire heart out. I gave my heart. Love is still beautiful."

Besides "trying to be someone's husband," Carlton has been working on various business endeavors and projects the past few months.

"Many may not know but I am the new Director of The Bailey Agency School of Fashion which is owned by supermodel Cynthia Bailey of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. It's really an honor because I started with her as an intern and just paved my own way through smart work and diligence. That keeps me busy these days," he shared. "I've also launched two new businesses to add to my legacy, and I've been cooking more in quarantine, preparing some of my favorite Louisiana Creole dishes since I cannot travel home right now due to the coronavirus. These dishes are definitely my comfort food while being homesick."

"I've also been advocating for many different causes surrounding mental health awareness, justice for those brutally murdered by police in our country, and just focusing on trying to spread positive energy to those who need it," Carlton added. "I know firsthand the effects of depression and anxiety. If I can be a light to someone with my transparency, mission accomplished."