'Love Is Blind' Stars Lauren and Cameron Give Tips on How to Quarantine With a Partner (Exclusive)

ET spoke with the married couple via Skype on Monday.

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton are sharing advice on how to survive self-isolation while staying home with your significant other!

During a Skype interview with ET on Monday, the married Love Is Blind stars opened up about what they're doing to keep busy at home in order to help prevent further spread of coronavirus.

"The one thing we've been doing is challenges with [our co-stars] on Instagram, like push-up challenges, and doing different TikToks," Cameron explained to ET's Ash Crossan. "Just finding fun ways to interact with each other and stay in touch."

"I've never Skyped so many of my friends before," Lauren added. "I talked to my friend the other day, then another one of my friends I hadn't talked to in forever reached out and we video chatted. We're like, 'How come we don't do this more often?' It's actually kind of nice to talk to people you haven't talked to in a long time." 

Lauren and Cameron, who got engaged on the Netflix show before ever seeing each other face-to-face, also shared their best tips on how to maintain a relationship during this quarantine period. They offered some ideas on what to do when you're with your partner 24/7.

"The thing about being together all the time is, I feel like everybody needs a break now and then," Lauren admitted. "So I feel like it's OK to communicate with your partner, like, 'Hey, I'm going to take 'x amount' of time and just have some me time... go into a different room, close the door. I gave myself, like, a mini spa night last night. I went to the bathroom, closed the door, gave myself a facial. Cam gave me my space and it was great."

"Even though we're stuck together, I feel like that me time, that individual time, is super important," she continued. "Especially times like this, when it's kind of dark, if you will, there's a lot of mental health stuff [going on]. You just gotta make sure you're good too, outside of just being with someone else."

Cameron chimed in, suggesting that when you and partner do spend time together, "mix it up."

"We've been taking the dogs on walks, making funny videos together, watching movies," he revealed. "Just a little variety in what you guys do together."

"We found structure has helped, too," he added. "Setting a schedule, like what a normal workday would be."

Last week, Lauren and Cameron were guests on Miley Cyrus' new Instagram live show, "BRIGHT MINDED: Live With Miley," where they shared some tips and tricks on how their single fans can date in isolation.

"Just talk about the things that are most important to you," Lauren advised. "The stuff you like, the stuff you dislike, what phobias you have. Then you can talk for hours after that. Fall down the rabbit hole!"

"For Lauren and I, our first main connection was family and how important family is," Cameron added. "That was the first time we kind of cried together."

Hear more in the video below!