'Love Is Blind' Sneak Peek: SK Admits He's 'Scared' Right Before Heading to Meet Raven at the Altar

'Love Is Blind' star SK Alagbada

The season 3 contestant is engaged to Pilates instructor Raven.

Is SK getting cold feet? In ET's exclusive sneak peek clip for season 3 of Love Is Blind, future business school student SK Alagbada is preparing to walk down the aisle to his fiancée, Raven Ross

Though SK has seemed pretty level-headed about the Love Is Blind experiment -- he was even so relaxed that he fell asleep on one date! -- the Nigeria-born groom seems very nervous as he speaks to his mother ahead of his nuptials. 

"Before getting to this point, I wasn't really scared. I was like, 'OK, I got this. I can do this,' but right now I'm scared," SK admits in the clip. 

"It's normal," his mother calmly assures him. "Marriage is a lifetime commitment."

She adds that she's "so happy" because she knows that her son knows what he wants. 

But does that include wanting to marry Raven? The Pilates instructor has admitted to having a lot of cultural differences with her fiancé. That, coupled with SK's news that he's moving to California for business school for two years, could mean that they might not be destined to say "I do" at the altar. 

New episodes of Love Is Blind are set to drop on Wednesday, Nov. 2 on Netflix. The finale episode will stream Nov. 9.