'Love Is Blind': Watch Couples Get Engaged Before They Ever See Each Other on Netflix's New Dating Show

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Nick and Vanessa Lachey host the new series, in which couples get engaged before ever seeing each other's face.

Could you agree to marry someone without ever seeing their face?

That's the question posed by Netflix's first serialized dating show, Love Is Blind, which is hosted by real-life couple Nick and Vanessa Lachey.

On the show, which will be released in three installments of episodes over a three-week period beginning on Feb. 13, contestants will meet potential suitors, get to know each other and even possibly get engaged -- all while sequestered in individual pods, where they have no way of knowing what the other person looks like.

"Here you will choose someone to marry, without ever seeing them," Nick declares in the first promo, which was released on Monday.

"If you're ready to find the love of your life, the pods are now open," Vanessa adds.

It may be love at first sight for some, but the show then asks the real question: Can their connection survive in the real world?

After the couples' emotional first face-to-face meeting, Love Is Blind follows them through encounters with their lives outside the pod -- meeting each other's family, learning about their day-to-day life, and for some, preparing for their wedding day.

"It could be a remarkable love story," one contestant marvels in the new promo. See more in the video above.

Love Is Blind premieres on Netflix on Feb. 13, with new episodes dropping on Feb. 20 and a two-hour finale on Feb. 27.

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