'Love Is Blind's Shaina Hurley Explains Signature Squint After Season 2 Reunion

The reality TV star took to Instagram to explain her signature squint after it went viral during Friday's reunion special.

The Love Is Blind season 2 reunion was filled with drama and plenty of juicy revelations.

While cast members, Abishek "Shake" Chatterjee and Shayne Jansen definitely shook things up, viewers couldn't help but notice one glaring detail about Shaina Hurley...her squint.

Shaina was squinting throughout Friday's reunion special, sparking a host of memes on social media, including one shared by the show's official account. Hurley took to her Instagram Story, where she shared a few herself, before explaining her signature squint.

"I wear contacts, OK?" Shaina said. "I've been squinting ever since I can remember. I'm always getting yelled at, like, 'Stop squinting! You're going to get wrinkles.' That's why I probably have wrinkles."

"Every time I go to the eye doctor, they tell me that I don't have an astigmatism," She continued. "And I'm like, 'I think I have an astigmatism, or my eyes are getting worse.' And my contacts have been the same."

Shaina went on to share her eye prescription, joking that she's "blind," while poking fun at the reality TV show's aptly chosen name.

"I am blind, basically," she added, before smiling and saying, "Love is blind."

ET's Will Marfuggi spoke to Shaina ahead of the season 2 reunion where she opened up about her portrayal on the dating show, including being painted as this season's villain.

"There's definitely some moments where I'm like, 'That's not how it fully happened!'" Shaina said when asked if her on-screen portrayal is fair. "It's reality TV and there's thousands of hours being filmed and unfortunately the viewers are only seeing so much of it." 

The 32-year-old hair stylist had a connection with both Shayne and Kyle Abrams in the pods, but broke up with Kyle, shortly after his proposal due to their religious differences.

Shaina touched on being torn between two guys and the the comparison's being made between her and season 1 villain, Jessica Batten.

"I think it's so sad how people are calling me 'the Jessica,' like, villainizing Jessica," she said. "Because again, we don't know what went on behind the scenes... I said, 'I will never judge another reality person again!'"

Not only does she want to avoid painting Jessica as a villain, but Shaina added that despite her lingering feelings for Shayne, "our situations were two completely different situations." 

"I think maybe the comparison is she was villainized by the public, and I'm definitely being villainized by the public," she continued.

As for what she wants viewers to know about her, Shaina explained that what you saw on the show wasn't necessarily accurate. 

"What was portrayed is not who I am. I am not a home wrecker," she said. "I feel that people should just understand and take it in that this is reality television, and if they wanted something more, just watch a documentary." 

All 10 episodes of Love Is Blind season 2 are available to stream now, on Netflix.