'Love Is Blind' Reunion: Shayne Brings Natalie to Tears Upon Asking for an Apology

Natalie said 'no' to Shayne at the altar after they had a blowup fight the night before.

Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee are finally coming face-to-face after their disastrous wedding on the season 2 finale of Love Is Blind. The former couple had been seemingly on track to tie the knot before having a blowup, off-camera fight the night before their wedding, leading Natalie to say no at the altar. 

In the finale, Natalie claimed that Shayne told her he "hated" her and that she was the "worst thing" to happen to him. 

In a new sneak peek clip from the show's upcoming reunion special, Shayne confronts Natalie about their fight. 

"There was a reason, also, why I got to that point too," Shayne says. "The words that I used, they just didn't come out of nowhere. You haven't apologized on your side. You haven't owned up, so was it 100 percent my fault? I take most of the blame, yes, but you're sitting there saying this and that."

"I'm not putting the blame on you, by any means," Natalie replied. "I understand that anger came out from somewhere, obviously something I'd done to you or what pushed you to that point. So I don't want it to seem like I'm just blaming it on you or those words came out of nowhere. I know that it came from a place of you being frustrated with me or me making you feel like you weren't enough."

Shayne then presses his former fiancée further, asking, "You don't feel bad about anything that you've done? No apologies or anything?"

Natalie begins tearing up, saying, "No, I... I feel like we've talked about this because we have. I obviously apologize for making you feel like you weren't good enough because I feel like you were more than enough."

When moderator and co-host Vanessa Lachey asks Shayne how he's feeling, he replies, "I'm just f**king sad." 

Natalie previously spoke with ET about the off-camera fight, saying, "It wasn't just one thing. It was an accumulation of a lot of different things. I think the pressure of our wedding also played a part into that, of feeling like we have to make a decision really quickly." 

She added, "I think it's our different approaches to finances, our different approaches to just general lifestyle. And I think just the feeling of making a lot of compromises may have gotten to him. I think he held that in for a bit, and it came out that night."

The Love Is Blind season 2 reunion special starts streaming Friday on Netflix.