'Love Is Blind' Season 2 Finale: See Who Got Married

Five couples made it to the altar, but who said 'I do'?

Spoilers ahead! If you have not watched the season 2 finale of Love Is Blind, bookmark this for later or proceed with caution. 

In Friday's finale of Love Is Blind season 2, the question was not whether love was actually blind, but rather whether love was enough to get these six couples to the altar and willing to say their "I dos" in front of friends and family. 

There were success stories, a few shockers, plenty of heartbreak, and some dinner reservations at Nobu made. 

Here's where all the couples ended up at the end of the season 2 finale: 


Nick and Danielle

The couple was all nerves as their wedding day approached with Danielle saying in an aside interview that they discussed what they were going to say that morning and were "still not on the same page," adding that Nick seemed to think she wasn't ready while noting that she wanted Nick "to be my husband more than anything." 

While preparing to walk down the aisle, Nick described himself as "back and forth, up and down, left and right."

When it came time for them to head to the altar, Nick was a literal puddle of sweat, with it soaking through his gray suit as he squinted down the aisle to his nervous bride. They read out their own vows and when it came time to decide if they would become husband and wife, they surprisingly both agreed despite Nick's dramatic sigh at the end of the penultimate episode. 

"I have no question whatsoever that you are the person I'm supposed to be with," Nick tells Danielle. Umm, what happened to being "back and forth, up and down, left and right"? 

He later said, "It was a game-time decision because I wasn't 100 percent sure that she was 100 percent sure. But it all worked out the way that it was supposed to and that means that I'm a married man."  


Shake and Deepti

This pair seemed ill-fated from the moment Shake compared being intimate with his future bride to being intimate with his "aunt"... multiple times... on camera.

He even told his groomsmen on the wedding day, "I don't feel that instinctual physical attraction," prompting the epic response from one pal, "What do you think you're going to look like in 20 years?"

Still, Shake made it down the aisle with some lively, musical fanfare, embracing the Indian traditions of making the wedding extremely celebratory. 

Deepti, meanwhile, seemed oddly calm as she was getting ready, saying, "I know what I'm going to say today and let's see how it goes." 

The bride looked stunning as she made her way down the aisle, but once she got to the altar, things weren't quite so picture perfect. 

"I hope you know how much you mean to me and the impact that you made on my life, but no, I cannot marry you," she told Shake. "I deserve somebody who knows, for sure. So I'm choosing myself. And I'm going to say no." 

Deepti later says in an aside interview, "He's not the one for me, because if he was, he would make me feel like I was the one and he never did that." 

Shake tries to brush off the rejection, declaring to the uncomfortable crowd, "Yo, this is the celebration! Everybody up! We're going to be partying through till tomorrow." 

The music began again and people awkwardly cheered and clapped along with him. 

Shake later said, "Part of me is upset" and admitted he would have said yes if Deepti had. He then delivered the line that proved Deepti definitely made the best possible decision -- "I have reservations at Nobu on Sunday, so things are going to be good." 


Shayne and Natalie 

In possibly one of the biggest finale shockers, this pair had seemed completely on track until the actual day of their wedding arrived. A tearful Natalie revealed that they'd gotten into a heated off-camera argument the night before in which Natalie said she'd asked her fiancé if he'd had too much to drink, noting, "He just got really, really angry at me." She later revealed that Shayne told her he "hated" her and she was the "worst thing" to ever happen to him. 

The incident caused Natalie to be in tears throughout her time getting ready while Shayne said he didn't want to discuss what happened during the fight on camera, but noting, "I believe it stemmed from me having to prove myself all the time" and describing the fight as a "breaking point." Both described the other as their "best friend," and Shayne said he hoped that Natalie would say yes. At the altar, Shayne agreed to marry Natalie "a thousand times over," but when the time came for Natalie to decide, she said no, telling him, "I'm so sorry. I still love you, and you're my best friend." 

Later, the pair had a heated conversation outside of the venue, where Natalie noted she still wanted to give their relationship a try. 

"Respectfully, I need time to think about that," Shayne said. 

He apologized for the things he said during their argument, but then seemed to backtrack, adding, "It's how I truly felt."

"So you're saying you truly felt like you hated me and I was the worst thing for you at that moment?" a shocked Natalie asked.

Shayne was clearly upset by what had happened, ending things by saying, "I still love her. I still think she's a good person. But do you think that I'm actually going to f**king come back to you after that kind of stuff again?"


Sal and Mallory

Then it was time for the show's most chill couple to make their decision. Mallory seemed very calm, albeit disappointed that her parents and brother had opted not to attend the wedding. Conversely, Sal's sisters seemed totally on board for his big day. 

"I've been emotional up and down all day today," Sal said in his signature monotone. "I'm feeling ready to walk down there and just see Mallory. She has changed me as a man and I love her."

You'd think that was a sign that Sal was primed to say yes, but when the moment comes, the musically inclined Romeo, decides not to make Mallory his wife. 

"I cannot," he tearfully says. "I feel like I just need more time."

"That's OK," Mallory tells him, wiping away his tears. 

Mallory walks down the aisle as Sal remains crying at the altar before addressing Mallory's friends and family. 

"I feel like I haven't had the time to meet a lot of you and I just want to say I know this was hard for you too," he said. "I can only give her my truest self and my most honest choice. That's why I said no today." 

The pair later gets a chance to reunite after the failed ceremony, and Mallory admits that she "might have" said yes if Sal had. 

When Mallory asked if he wanted to continue exploring a relationship with her, Sal replied, "I just need to take a few days. Let's take some time away from all of this and let's talk. That's what I want," before telling Mallory he feels they should go on a date.


Jarrette and Iyanna 

The final couple of the season seems the most secure in their romance. Despite having issues with Jarrette picking Mallory over Iyanna in the pods, he seems fully committed to his future bride. 

"I want to make her the happiest person in the world," Jarrette tells his sister of Iyanna. "It's a life-long commitment. I want to make sure that she knows that she's the only woman who matters to me." 

The pair is too sweet at the altar with Jarrette promising to Iyanna's dad that he'll take care of her, and Jarrette's dad officiating the service as the couple can't stop grinning at one another. 

"I just feel like I'm supposed to be with you. You were made for me, and I was made for you," Iyanna says.

"No other woman has accepted me for who I am, flaws and all," Jarrette tells her. "This all happened through walls, and I knew that this was something that was real, something that was strong, and something that can withstand the test of time." 

Of course, these two lovebirds said yes to one another at the altar, even with Iyanna allowing for a dramatic pause. 

The pair ended the episode declaring they had each other's backs, quipping: "Like a thong in a butt crack." Who says romance is dead?

All episodes of Love Is Blind season 2 are currently streaming on Netflix.