'Love Island' Sneak Peek: Korey Goes on a Date With Three New Islanders at the Same Time (Exclusive)

The Cinco-Trina-Cashay triangle gets messier in Wednesday's new episode.

It's only been a week in the villa, but the romance (and drama) is already heating up!

On Wednesday's new episode of Love Island, three single ladies, Florita Diaz, Lei-Yen Rapp and Roxy Ahmad, enter the islanders' Hawaiian paradise with their eye on one man: Korey Gandy, who's currently coupled up with Trina Njoroge. Trina, for the record, has her sights set on Cinco Holland Jr., who's currently partnered with Cashay Proudfoot. More on that later.

In ET's exclusive first look, Korey gets the exciting news that he'll be going on a date with all three women -- at the same time, mind you -- thanks to America's vote. No jealousy here from his fellow islanders, who immediately celebrate Korey's twist of fate. "All the thanks to America, I can't even put into words," he says beaming, as it flashes to him on his three-on-one date with the new islanders. Will he get lucky and find a compatible match?

Speaking of Cinco, Trina and Cashay, the "throuple" gets messier and messier as sparks continue to fly between Cinco and Trina following the Kissing Booth challenge, leaving Cashay questioning her relationship with Cinco. 

When the girls venture out for a ladies' lunch, the tension is thick between Trina and Cashay as they awkwardly navigate their complicated dynamic with Cinco. And in a one-on-one between Cinco and Trina by the fire pit, he hints at who he's leaning towards between Trina and Cashay.

"I need to come to terms with how I feel and that's kind of what I'm doing right now. I think I'm ready to say it for real," Cinco says. Will it be Trina, Cashay or someone completely new?

Love Island airs Tuesdays through Fridays, as well as Sundays, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. Special episodes drop Mondays on Paramount+.

For more on Love Island, watch below.

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