Lucy Hale Fights for Her Life in the Desert In Thrilling First 'Borrego' Trailer (Exclusive)

Hale stars as a young botanist who gets wrapped up in a drug smuggling attempt gone wrong her let latest thriller.

In the wrong place at the wrong time! Lucy Hale is fighting to survive assassins, drug mules and the dangers of the desert in her new action-packed crime thriller Borrego.

Hale stars as Elly, a young botanist researching invasive plant species in the Borrego dessert, in California, who inadvertently witnesses a drug mule's ultralight plane crash in the hills.

When she goes to help possible survivors of the crash, the injured drug smuggler takes her hostage at gun point, with the intention of using her help -- as well as her car -- to drive the drug payload to the drop-off point.

Things go sideways when Elly and her captor become the target of a cartel's hired killer who comes looking for the drugs and to clean up loose ends.

Meanwhile, the local Borrego Springs Sheriff and his daughter get wrapped up in the mayhem when he stumbles across two bodies and begins investigating Elly's disappearance.

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Between running out of water and roasting in the beating sun, high-speed chases on motorbikes and having to contend professional killers, Elly will be facing the fight of her life to escape the desert in one piece.

Borrego -- written and directed by Jesse Harris and co-starring Leynar Gomez, Nicholas Gonzalez, Jorge A. Jimenez, and Olivia Trujillo -- hits theaters, digital and on demand on January 14th.



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