Luke Pell Is Ice Cold to Stassi Yaramchuk in Sneak Peek From 'Bachelor Winter Games' Reunion (Exclusive)

ET has an exclusive clip from Thursday's highly anticipated reunion special!

Brace yourselves for a super juicy Bachelor Winter Games: World Tells All reunion special!

ET has an exclusive clip from Thursday's highly anticipated reunion, which shows Luke Pell seemingly becoming a totally different person after he's told that cameras have stopped rolling on his conversation with ex-girlfriend Stassi Yaramchuk.

In the clip, Pell, who originally appeared on JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette, listens as the international cast member from Sweden gets emotional about their split. However, Pell seems extremely disinterested, looking away and giving her short answers.

Watch the full clip in the player above!

As fans of the show know, Pell and Yaramchuk previously hashed out why they didn't stay together after the show wrapped. During that discussion, Pell seemed to be much more talkative with her, saying she was confused and didn't fully understand why they'd broken up due to cultural differences.

"You saw [this season] how much he told me about his [life]," Yaramchuk said in a recent interview with ET. "I'm a very emotional person and I really believed in what he'd been saying about me and his feelings. It was hard to believe after he had been open and especially after he cried."

"He's 33. Normally men at this age, they're just not easily showing their emotions, and I was like, 'He's never show[n his feelings] to anyone,'" she continued. "Then, when I'm back to Sweden and I opened YouTube and saw JoJo and his date [with her], it was the same story. I was like, 'Champagne, please! A lot of champagne. A few bottles, thank you! And psychological help, please!'"

ET also recently spoke with a few of Pell and Yaramchuk's fellow castmates, who shared their thoughts on the confrontation. 

"I don't know the full situation," Clare Crawley said. "I know Stassi's side and I've seen how hurt she was by it, and I think it gets me. I tried to hold my tongue. There's a lot of times I want to hold back and stuff, but I can't help but stand up for women and stand up for what I believe in."

"I didn't like the fact that he was dodging it all and pointing fingers at other people and trying to just dodge it," she added. "And I love Luke as a person. I genuinely love Luke, I think he's a great guy, but in this circumstance it wasn't fair to Stassi and she deserves the truth."

Ben Higgins said it was "a rough one."

"I don't think he realizes how much he cared for her and how real it was," the former Bachelor explained. "His responses, I just felt like he maybe didn't know why it ended the way it did. I don't think it was the greatest way to handle it, but I know that his intentions are probably good. He just got put into a situation that I don't think he knew how to handle."

The BWG: World Tells All reunion special airs Thursday on ABC.