'Bachelor Winter Games': Ben Higgins' Meltdown Sets Off a String of Tearful Goodbyes



What a night!

Things got hot and heavy on episode three of The Bachelor Winter Games -- and we're not just talking about the kissing competition.

Tuesday night showed viewers a side to Ben Higgins we've never seen before, as he finally opened up about his breakup with Lauren Bushnell and admitted that he's just not ready to find love. Unfortunately for everyone else, Ben's early departure set the show off on an elimination spree, as single contestants were forced out the door -- either voluntarily or by Chris Harrison's orders (but he did it really nicely!). 

But let's face it, sad moments are often the most entertaining, so check out who won medals in our book below: 

GOLD: Ben Higgins' Meltdown

We knew it was coming since the first Winter Games promo, but Ben's breakdown could not have been more heartbreaking. The former Bachelor sat down with Chris Harrison for a one-on-one chat before deciding to go home, where he came to the harsh reality that he just hasn't been able to move on since his breakup with Lauren Bushnell last year. 

"To try to engage in relationships here, and know that the last time I did this, it was one of the best moments of my life... my fear is not entering into a relationship. My fear is not pursuing somebody. My fear is that if I were to be broken again, I'm not full enough right now to recover from that," Ben told Harrison, before tearfully apologizing to the rest of the cast for bringing "ghosts" with him to Winter Games and heading out the door. 

As if Higgin's departure wasn't emotional enough, his exit set off a meltdown by Yuki that we can't unhear, Ashley I.'s uncontrollable crying and Yuki and Michael Garofola's exits. 

"Bye-bye, Bachelor house," Yuki said through her tears. 

SILVER: Dean and Lesley's 'Juvenile' Kiss

They may have earned silver this time, but as far as couples go, Dean and Lesley are golden. Despite Rachel Lindsay placing them last due to their "juvenile" dancing before locking lips in the kissing competition, we've gotta say that Dean lifting Lesley into the air with that twist was pretty impressive -- and completely worth Rachel's comment that she thought Dean was going to "kiss her in a different spot!" 

Plus, Lesley didn't get so nervous about kissing Dean that she threw up (looking at you, Ally -- but props to Josiah for kissing her after puking!). Of course, Ashley I. and Kevin walked away with first place in the kissing competition, and Luke and Stassi earned a deserved second -- but as far as the rest of the rankings, Dean and Lesley were robbed. 

BRONZE: Clare Admitting She Should Have Stuck With Benoit

Before the kissing competition even kicked off, Clare kicked Christian to the curb, deciding that she needed more from their relationship than words about how interested he was in her. "I'm sorry. I wish it could have worked out," Clare cried during her conversation with Christian, before admitting in the car ride home that she wished she had pursued Benoit instead. 

"I think Benoit was maybe the right guy. I always feel not worthy of it, like I'm not good enough," she confessed of Benoit, the nice guy who left too soon (last episode). "I'll never give up, and that's the best I can do." 

JUST MISSED THE PODIUM: Chris Harrison's Japanese 

He may have only gotten a few phrases out, but damn, Chris Harrison! Yuki's language barrier may have prevented her from finding love on Winter Games, but Harrison had no problem telling her in Japanese that it was time for her to say her goodbyes. The host with the most let Yuki down easy, even expressing how sorry he was that she had to leave. That didn't stop the waterworks from coming, but hey, way to go, Harrison!

The season finale of Bachelor Winter Games airs Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC -- and fantasy suites are upon us! See more on the show in the video below.