'Bachelor Winter Games': Clare's Love Triangle Explodes as a New Guy Sparks Controversy


Night two, and 'Bachelor Winter Games' is still going strong!

Night two, and Bachelor Winter Games is still going strong!

The Bachelor spinoff continued on Thursday night with a speed skating competition and a late arrival -- which was quickly followed by one man's early departure. 

Dean and Lesley took their romance to new levels on their first official date, and so did Stassi and Luke. Back at the house, Clare's love triangle with Christian and Benoit exploded when her impromptu Jacuzzi "appointment" with Christian got lost in translation, and IT. WAS. AMAZING.

Check out who won a medal in our book below: 

GOLD: Benoit's Super Dramatic Goodbye

Benoit est triste! Our favorite French Canadian had a full-on meltdown, just days after being on cloud nine with his Clare kitchen kiss. After the competition, Benoit pulled Clare aside to question her feelings for him, and while she couldn't stop telling viewers how "amazing" he was and how conflicted she was between him and Christian, it seems she wasn't that into Benoit after all. 

"There's only you. I told you this the other night," a teary Benoit told Clare, before deciding to pack his bags and go home, just one day before his 31st birthday. "There will always be a place in my chest for you." 

"He's so frickin' nice," Clare reflected to the camera. 

SILVER: Jordan's Coin Flip 

Former New Zealand Bachelor Jordan made a big splash when Chris Harrison told the group there would be a surprise waiting at home for them after the competition. There was Jordan, sitting smug as a bug while the cast interrogated him on his intentions for the show. That's when Ben decided to step in, pulling Jordan aside to confront him. 

As Jordan quickly confessed, he caused quite a stir down under after it was discovered that he flipped a coin to choose a girl in his Bachelor finale, when he really didn't have strong feelings for anybody. "This for me is redemption or another opportunity for something I have always sought out of this," he said, which seemed to be a good enough answer for everyone as they all held their glasses up and welcomed him with open arms (especially Bibi -- we see you, girl). 

BRONZE: Clare's Jacuzzi Debacle 


After her breakup fight with Benoit, Clare found herself in another difficult conversation, having an amazingly hilarious fight with Christian over their failed Jacuzzi date. Clare ran off crying after Christian told her she was a "very beautiful pretty woman, but not more" and decided she was done with him -- until the rose ceremony. 

The two hashed it out again, with Clare declaring that her relationship with him was over, and she probably wouldn't accept his rose. That was until Christian offered it to her, and she "absolutely" accepted and decided to give him another chance. 

JUST MISSED THE PODIUM: Ashley I. Finally Getting the Guy 

After Tuesday's breakdown, Ashley I. seemed to have weaseled herself back onto Kevin's radar -- and won him over enough for him to cut the cord with Bibiana. 

"I'm pretty sure I want to marry Kevin. I'm pretty sure I picture him at the end of the aisle," she said of the Canadian Bachelorette star. "I'm at seventh Kevin." 

Winter Games returns Tuesday, Feb. 20, before holding its finale on Thursday, Feb. 22.