'MacGyver' and His Dad Skydive in Heavy Crossfire in Insane Season 3 Premiere Sneak Peek (Exclusive)

ET exclusively premieres a thrilling first look from Friday's season opener.

MacGyver is returning with a bang.

The CBS action drama kicks off its third season on Friday, picking up three months after Mac (Lucas Till) quit the Phoenix Foundation and moved to Nigeria. In ET's exclusive sneak peek from the season three premiere, titled "Improvise," Mac puts aside his differences with his father, Oversight (Tate Donovan), and returns to action when he discovers Jack (George Eads) is being targeted by a murderous dictator he once double-crossed.

In the clip, the two MacGyvers prepare to skydive out of a plane amid heavy crossfire thousands of feet in the air.

"We're going to be taking fire the whole way down, so to maximize our chances of actually reaching the ground alive, don't deploy until 2,000 feet," the elder MacGyver advises his son. 

"That's not going to make for a very fun landing," Mac says, stating the obvious, as fireballs come dangerously close to the aircraft.

Moments later, the light turns green, and the the father-and-son pair race out of the plane and dive straight towards Earth, channeling their inner Mission: Impossible action hero. When they reach approximately 2,000 feet, the two deploy their parachutes, but Mac's dad faces an unexpected problem when his parachute gets caught in the crossfire and burns to a crisp -- leaving him free-falling to disaster.

Seeing this all happen before his very eyes, Mac abandons his parachute and dives down to try and save his father from impending death. Luckily, Mac and his pops avert disaster -- for the most part. Watch the chaos unfold in ET's exclusive sneak peek above.

MacGyver premieres Friday, Sept. 28 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.