Machine Gun Kelly Changes Album Name After Getting Matching Tattoos With Travis Barker

The artist and Travis Barker both got "Born With Horns" inked on their bodies.

Machine Gun Kelly had to break the news to Travis Barker that the tattoo they both have doesn't have the same meaning as it did back in August.

Over the summer, the rockers got "Born With Horns" inked on their arms in black, as it was to be the name of Kelly's upcoming album. 

However, in a video posted to TikTok on Monday, Kelly let Barker know that the album name has since changed.

"Remember when we got the album name tattooed on our arms? ...I'm changing the album name," the 31-year-old artist revealed to his 46-year-old friend as they both laughed.

As for the new album name, Kelly revealed it to be Mainstream Sellout

Back in August, both Barker and Kelly seemed pretty pumped to have matching tattoos.

"Let’s f**kin goooo," Barker commented on Kelly's post at the time. Barker's fiancée, Kourtney Kardashian, reacted with heart and flame emojis on her beau's post.

In addition to collaborating musically, Kelly and his fiancée, Megan Fox, have been known to hang out with Barker and Kardashian. The two couples enjoyed a night out at UFC 260 in March 2021, and the women attended the guys' surprise rooftop concert in June. The power couples also attended the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn, New York, last September.

"Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have had double-date nights many times and are all good friends," a source told ET last March. "They have a great time when they hang out as couples and it's very natural, easy and fun."