Maia Mitchell Exits 'Good Trouble' After 4 Seasons: 'It's Time To Start a New Chapter'

Maia Mitchell Good Trouble
Matthias Clamer/Freeform via Getty Images

The actress starred as Callie Adams Foster for four seasons of the Freeform series.

Maia Mitchell has ended her run on Freeform’s Good Trouble. At the end of the "Kiss Me and Smile For Me" episode, which was the second episode of season 4 and aired on Wednesday, Callie Adams Foster got her happy ending as she boarded a plane to Washington, D.C., leaving the Coterie in Los Angeles to begin her dream job at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). 

After several tearful goodbyes from her sister, Marianna Foster (Cierra Ramirez), their moms, Stef and Lena Foster (Teri Polo and Sherri Saum), and brother Jude Foster (Hayden Byerly), it was time for Callie to set off on her new adventure -- but not before being greeted by one more familiar face. On the flight, Callie is joined by her on-again, off-again love, Jamie Hunter (Baeu Mirchoff), who sits next to her as they fly off to start their new life in D.C.

In an emotional Instagram post shared after Wednesday’s episode aired, Mitchell announced that she was officially leaving the show. The 28-year-old actress captioned her post, “To the Good Trouble Family," with a spoiler warning for her followers. After checking in and asking, “Are we OK,” Mitchell broke the news.  

“I know there will be a lot of questions and after sticking by me for so many years, you deserve transparency. So with that being said, 10 years ago I auditioned for a little pilot called The Fosters, with no clue of the luck I had stumbled upon," wrote Mitchell, who started playing Callie on The Fosters in 2013. "Five seasons later, I was able to continue the journey as Callie when we formed our Good Trouble family. Two shows,156 episodes and a chosen family for life."

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Mitchell went on to explain that after being away from her real-life family in Australia, it was time for her to return home. “While I have been beyond fortunate to have this career and a job that I love, with not an iota of regret, for quite some time I have suppressed on undeniable gravitational pull to return home to Australia to be closer to my nearest and dearest,” she wrote.  

The actress shared that she was fortunate to work during the pandemic, but that time also meant that she couldn’t be with her loved ones “when we needed each other the most.” 

“So, with that, it is time to start a new chapter and bid farewell to Good Trouble," she continued, being sure to say thanks to those at Freeform, including the production team, and the cast and crew for “being so understanding and supportive," and “for treating my last episode with such care.”  

“I’m so proud to have sent Callie off on her new adventure with such purpose and agency," she shared.

Mitchell also posted that she now holds the title of “Good Trouble’s newest biggest fan.”  

“I cannot wait to see what the team has in store for what I know will be another incredible season. You best believe I’ll be watching every week and screaming from the sidelines,” she wrote.  

Before ending her message, the TV star had one big thank you for the viewers. “To the fans who have embraced me as Callie for some many years, thank you,” she wrote. “Words can’t express how beyond grateful I am for your consistent and unbreakable loyalty. Fact: We have the best fandom in television. You will always hold a special place in my heart, and I know our paths will cross again in the future. Until then, stay safe and be good to yourselves and to each other.” 

In a follow-up post, Mitchell shared some behind-the-scenes pictures and videos from her emotional last day on set. She again thanked the cast, production and crew, and had a special note for Ramirez.  

“And last but most certainly not least, Miss @cierraramirez. My work wife, best friend, my sister for life," she wrote. "You’ve been my rock, in work and in life. I love you. DNA doesn’t make a family, love does.’”