Maksim Chmerkovskiy Calls Marrying Peta Murgatroyd 'The Best Decision of My Life' (Exclusive)

The couple dishes to ET about keeping the romance alive, eight years after they first met.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatoryd's relationship is hotter than ever!

ET's Cameron Mathison exclusively sat down with the couple at their Los Angeles home on Monday, where they opened up about keeping the romance alive, eight years after they first met. 

"I do a lot of research at night [looking for what I can] impress her with tomorrow," Chmerkovskiy joked. "That's been the theme. You just gotta keep it fresh." 

"Listen, if I can figure out how to cook something better and surprise her with a meal, that's some points," he added. "The problem with time [is] you get to know each other so well, there's no more room for surprises, [but] you look back and say, 'This has been the best decision I've ever made in my life, because of these days when there's no more room for surprises, and it's still the only person you want to be with." 

For Murgatroyd, thinking of ways to keep things interesting isn't so bad. 

"I don't think we've really hit that rough patch yet, of like, 'Oh, my God, our life is boring,'" she shared. "But as he said, I know everything about him that I need to know. So you have to keep it fresh in a good way, like doing little things. Go out to dinner when you don't take the baby, go out by yourselves, have a great date night." 

"Go get a little tipsy somewhere and have a great time," she suggested. 

That's not to say that finding time for each other is easy. According to Murgatroyd, it took her "a little bit of time" to find balance between her roles as a wife and mother after welcoming baby Shai in January 2017. 

"I obviously wanted to give Shai my utmost attention, and 100 percent of me as a mother, but you really do have to make an effort to get out with your spouse and do things like you used to, because life changes so drastically that you forget what it was like," she shared.

After working together on Dancing With the Stars and preparing to head off on tour for the Maks, Val & Peta: Confidential Tour next month, Chmerkovskiy and Murgatroyd spend plenty of time together -- but they're still planning something special for Valentine's Day. 

"We'll be working throughout the day and then we have dinner plans at night," Murgatroyd revealed. 

"I'm excited that we get to share the same life. I think that's another key to our success as a couple -- this is my partner, you know what I mean?" Chmerkovskiy said. "It's easy for us to relate to one another, because of [our shared profession], so my Valentine's Day, if we have some press [to do], it will be beautiful." 

"But I think keeping it simple, romantically, that works for [us]," he continued. "I know her buttons. She knows mine, bad and good. It's just the way you press them is the key, I think." 

The Maks, Val & Peta: Confidential Tour kicks off on March 19 and runs through May 20. This Valentine's Day, Chmerkovskiy and Murgatroyd are offering fans the chance to buy two tickets for the Confidential Tour for the price of one with the code "BeMine." See more on the tour here

Watch more from ET's interview in the video below.