Mama June Fails to Impress Husband Justin's Mother at Awkward Dinner (Exclusive)

Watch Mama June get thwarted by a mozzarella stick.

Mama June Shannon went all out to impress husband Justin Stroud's mom for their first-ever meeting. But it seems all of her best efforts may have been thwarted by, of all things, a plate of mozzarella sticks.

ET has an exclusive sneak peak at the second episode of Mama June: Family Crisis (airing Friday on WE tv), and it's crystal clear June is incredibly nervous to meet Justin's mother. In a confessional, she admits she's nervous to sit down with her "because I know that she's seen the tabloids."

June also adds that she wants her to "get to know me for me and not be like, 'OK, this is who this woman is' by only what she's seen in social media and what's in the tabloids."

After Justin's mom walks into the restaurant and gives him a big hug, June tells her she got her an expensive bottle of red wine because it's her favorite kind of wine. But things quickly go south, when Justin's mom picks up her "dirty" wine glass. But June quickly springs into action and whistles over the waiter, who obliges her request for a clean wine glass.

It's clear June is doing her best to impress Justin's mom, telling her she waited for her arrival before opening the bottle of wine so the wine can breathe with her finally there. After ordering a plate of mozzarella sticks and calamari, she exclaims, "Only the best for Justin's mom."

"It's really important for me to impress her tonight," June says in a confessional. "I do want to be a part of Justin’s family. I also want to show his mom how happy I make Justin and how happy Justin makes me."

But a bite into a mozzarella stick sends June into a panic and Justin's mom into laughter. As June struggles to cool down her mouth from the piping hot mozzarella sticks, Justin's mom tries hiding her laughter by covering her mouth with her hands.

"A damn mozzarella stick is going to blow this for me?" June asks rhetorically in a confessional.

Justin's mom asks her if she's OK but while June hums yes, it's clear that their first meeting is anything but smooth.

June and Justin recently celebrated their 1-year wedding anniversary back in March. The pair tied the knot at a Georgia courthouse last year. Then, in February 2023, the couple got married again, this time in an oceanfront ceremony in Panama City, Florida.

Ahead of the premiere of their new reality TV series, the couple sat down with ET's Rachel Smith and reflected on their relationship and how they first knew they were meant for one another.

"It was just her personality, and she didn't judge me, and she allows me to be me," Justin shared in his first ever television interview. "She fights for me -- and it's hard to find someone that will fight for you even when you're wrong. That says a lot about somebody."

"So I had to hold on to her, I had to grab on," he added.

Mama June: Family Crisis airs Friday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on WE tv.