Mama June Gets a Makeover, Discusses Her Sobriety on 'Super Sized Salon' (Exclusive)

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Mama June opens up about her road to sobriety while getting a makeover on Friday's episode of Super Sized Salon, and ET has an exclusive sneak peek. 

"My addictions were cocaine and meth," the reality star tells Jamie Lopez, the owner of Babydoll Beauty Couture, the first salon to cater to plus-size women. Mama June goes on to say that she now stays away from all drugs and alcohol in an effort to remain completely sober. 

According to Mama June, life in the spotlight made the journey much harder. "Airing your dirty laundry out on TV isn't for everybody, but also it can make an impact," she says. "That’s why I shared my life with so many people."

Babydoll Beauty Couture in Las Vegas is the focus of WE tv's Super Sized Salon. Mama June appears in the fourth episode of the show's first season on Friday.

A plus-size woman herself, Lopez also spends a lot of time speaking about her personal issues on public platforms. "I will always, 1000 percent have the best interests at heart for my plus-size community," she says. 

Lopez went on to explain that she now finds motivation in her past struggles. "I'm driven off of pain," she tells Mama June. "It's more so, pain of my boyfriend cheating on me when I needed him the most and me being left for dead with nobody -- my family didn’t even come visit me."

"I know how it is sometimes, being in pain," Mama June responds. "But I get it, you want to put hope in it." 

Super Sized Salon airs Fridays 10:30 p.m. ET on WE tv. 


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