Mandy Moore Reveals Who The 'Best Crier' Is In The 'This Is Us' Cast: ‘He’s That Good!’

Mandy Moore talks crying on 'This Is Us'

She also talks about acting with a robotic baby.

It’s no secret that This Is Us is a tearjerker for fans. But it turns out that the cast also has a lot of trouble filming the beloved NBC family drama.

As another emotional episode aired on Tuesday night, star Mandy Moore visited The Tonight Show, wearing a stunning one-shoulder fuchsia dress, to talk about how her co-stars handle the tears. 

“I think Chrissy and I – Chrissy Metz who plays Kate my daughter – I think Chrissy and I are probably the most emotional,” she admitted. “But I think Sterling [K. Brown] gets the award for best crier. I feel like he’s literally at the point as an actor where he’s like, ‘What eye do you want me to have the dramatic single tear drop down my cheek from?’ He’s that good.”

Brown won an Emmy for his role as Randall Pearson on the show. And while the subject matter can easily bring much of the cast to tears, Moore admitted that she struggles in scenes with newborn babies. 

Because of laws surrounding child stars, the show often has to use baby dolls and in some weird instances, a robot baby.  

“It’s weird, guys,” she admitted. “We were just shooting an episode where we have two very emotional scenes where I’m talking to a newborn in the hospital. I go to put my hand on the robotic baby and it’s vibrating and making these weird movements. And you’re just like, ‘No, this is a real child.’ I’m trying my very best.”

Later in the episode she teamed up with Noah Cyrus to play a game of “Password.” Watch the clip to see what happens!

For more from the cast, watch the clip below!