Mandy Moore Says She Can't Wait to Give Birth Again

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Mandy Moore can't wait to have another baby. In Thursday's episode of Dr. Berlin's Informed Pregnancy Podcast, the This Is Us star opened up about her birth story.

Moore and her husband, Taylor Goldsmith, welcomed baby August on Feb. 20, but weren't expecting "Gus" so soon.

"We are going to pick up sandwiches from this place, going to have a big last hoorah before the baby arrived,” Moore said of their weekend plans. It wasn't until the couple were settled in at home, watching The Office, when her contractions started.

“You lose all sense of time,” the 36-year-old actress recalled of how quickly she went through labor.

After she had August in her arms, the singer and actress felt like she was in an "oxytocin love bubble."  

"You are completely smothered in just that feeling of, I have never felt higher, I have never felt this kind of love. It was like the world stopped again and you're not aware of anything else going on," she gushed.

The new mom revealed she is eating her placenta, likely in capsule form.

“I’m so glad I had pictures of [my placenta],” she continued. “It was so beautiful.” 

“I can’t wait to do it again,” Moore added.

Just days after giving birth to Gus, Moore shared the meaning behind his name in a sweet post on Instagram.

"It was last August when @taylordawesgoldsmith and I found out we were having a boy (it’s also Taylor’s birth month) and we always loved the name... so it was settled very early on in our book," Moore wrote, explaining how they chose the name. "Then for our anniversary in November, T gifted me with this blanket with the 'A' (for Amanda) made from extra material from my wedding dress and 'T' (for Taylor) from his wedding shirt."

She added that it "felt like a very fitting amalgamation of our whole story. I can’t wait to pass this on to our sweet August one day. 💙💙💙💙."


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