Mandy Moore Talks Babies, Shares Best Beauty and Skincare Secrets


The 'This Is Us' star says she would love to be a mother one day.

Mandy Moore is giving fans a peek into her personal life.

Rocking a bombshell blowout and a pretty pink lip, the This Is Us star is a vision on the cover of NewBeauty's spring issue. Inside the mag, she shares her best diet and beauty tricks, reveals her biggest guilty pleasures and talks babies.

On set of the popular NBC series, in which she plays both young and older versions of the beloved Rebecca Pearson, Moore is constantly in makeup. So when she's not filming, she tells the outlet there's a few things she does in order to maintain her seemingly flawless skin. "My skin is super sensitive, and having to wear makeup every day, especially the old-age makeup on the show, is really hard," she shares. "I try to get a lot of sleep, drink water and wear sunscreen -- all the cardinal rules of skin care. I'm not a particularly big drinker, so that helps because I don’t have to contend with completely dehydrating my skin."

"Beyond that, I guess I have my mom and dad to thank," she adds. "However, that's not to say I don't have breakouts like everybody else. I've gone through patches where my skin was just completely awful. But when I feel like I'm taking care of myself, it's evident in my skin."

Nino Muñoz/NewBeauty

The 33-year-old actress admits that although she "doesn't do all that much" to prevent signs of aging right now, she "probably really should" start soon. "I know people start well before my age," she confesses. "For now it's just the sunscreen aspect and trying to sleep and not live a crazy hard life or stress out about it either. I don’t use retinol or anything, but maybe I should. I'll skip around and try facials at different places, but nobody has pushed that sort of product on me yet, so until they do, I'll just keep plugging along."

Moore says her daily beauty routine usually starts by washing her face as soon as she wakes up. "If I'm going to the gym, I'll put on a tiny bit of moisturizer and sunscreen because I don't want to clog up my skin," she explains. "But if I'm going about my day or if I have a day off, then I use moisturizer, sunscreen, maybe a little bit of Wonderglow and some clear eyebrow gel. I've had my eyebrows microfeathered, so they need a little gel."

"[Then] I usually add a pop of color to my lips -- that’s sort of my go-to," she continues. "It makes me feel instantly polished without having to go through a whole routine. Just keeping it really simple, that is important to me."

Nino Muñoz/NewBeauty

As for how she keeps her fit figure in shape, Moore says she tries her best to "be healthy," but will "absolutely indulge when the mood strikes." Her biggest guilty pleasures? "I won't say no to French Fries, chocolate chip cookies or a glass of wine," she admits. "I'm not too regimented. I try to take it all in stride. I understand that food is fuel, so I really try to view it from that lens -- I’m not going to count calories."

"Before a big event, I usually stop eating anything unhealthy and up my water intake," the brunette beauty adds. "Oh, and have a full 12 hours between dinner and breakfast."

Nino Muñoz/NewBeauty

Aside from acting and her love of food, style and beauty, Moore loves spending time with her soon-to-be husband, Taylor Goldsmith. She says that, like her character on This Is Us, she hopes to have kids of her own someday.

"I am so excited to hopefully be a mother one day," she gushes. "I feel like I have a little bit of a head start with the show. I’m getting practice with babies and toddlers and 10-year-olds and teenagers and adults—every chapter of life. I have had much more experience dealing with the bigger issues they all have to contend with. I hope that is in the cards for me, sooner rather than later."