Margot Robbie Will ‘For Sure’ Support Tonya Harding on ‘DWTS’ (Exclusive)

The ‘Terminal’ star spoke with ET’s Nischelle Turner at the premiere of her new film.

Will Margot Robbie continue to support Tonya Harding?

The 27-year-old actress, who portrayed Harding in the recent critically acclaimed I, Tonya, opened up to ET’s Nischelle Turner about the former pro skater’s time on Dancing With the Stars, during the premiere of her new film Terminal.

Robbie admitted she hasn’t seen Harding take the dance floor just yet, noting, “I didn’t know it was actually on TV yet. But she told me she was going to be on it, so I’ll have to watch it now!”

Robbie’s I, Tonya, co-star Allison Janney, who won the Oscar for her portrayal of Harding’s harsh mother, already visited the DWTS set to cheer on the 47-year-old athlete. So would Robbie be willing to do the same?

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“I just got back yesterday, and she texted me. She was like, ‘You gotta come watch!’ I was like, ‘For sure!’” Robbie dished.

Not everyone is quite as supportive of Harding’s time on DWTS. Her competitor and fellow figure skater Adam Rippon recently spoke to ET’s Lauren Zima about Harding, noting he felt “conflicted” by her presence on the show and recent comeback.


"I think it's great that she's getting to have a moment," he shared. "But I think it's also important that we remember that she was banned from skating for a reason. It wasn't taken away from her, she was part of something that was not good and should never happen again. At the same time… it's really nice to see somebody being able to have a moment and enjoy it, and you can see that she's really alive out there."

For more from ET’s interview with Rippon, watch the clip below!

Terminal hits theaters May 11.