Mark Hamill Goes Medieval in First Promo for 'Knightfall' Season 2 -- Watch!


Mark Hamill's got a brand new look. 

The 67-year-old Star Wars icon stars in season two of History's drama, Knightfall. The network released the season's first promo on Wednesday, giving audiences an exciting look at Hamill in action. 

It was revealed last August that the actor would be joining Knightfall as Talus, a "battle-hardened Knight Templar veteran of the Crusades, who survived captivity for 10 years in the Holy Land and is tasked with training the new initiates to the Order," however, Wednesday's promo reveals much more about his character. Hamill's Talus faces off against Tom Cullen's Landry in the video, cautioning the knight to "leave" the group. 

"Leave us, Landry," Hamill warns in a foreboding voiceover. "Free of our rules, free of our vows, leave us and never return."

Season one of Knightfall debuted in December 2017, exploring the medieval politics and warfare of the Knights Templar, the most powerful, wealthy and mysterious military order of the Middle Ages. The season finale saw Cullen's Landry grief-stricken but hopeful, and History promises that season two of the series will get even grittier, darker and more brutal. 

During an interview with ET ahead of the show's premiere, Cullen called Knightfall "the best thing I've ever been involved with in my life." 

"This was the first show I did where, when we started, we had two episodes, so it became a very collaborative environment in which the writers are feeding off of what we're doing. We're feeding off what the writers are doing and they're feeding off what the sets look like and the costumes, and the world that we're creating," explained the actor, who noted that Downton Abbey and Black Mirror were already successful shows when he joined the cast. "You create what your show is."

See more on Knightfall in the video below. 


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