Mark-Paul Gosselaar Talks Returning to Bayside for 'Saved By the Bell' Revival (Exclusive)

The 'Mixed-ish' star opened up to ET about the long-awaited revival series.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar is headed back to Bayside for the upcoming Saved By the Bell revival series, and the star is excited about getting back into his old role.

ET's Nischelle Turner spoke with Gosselaar on the set of his family sitcom Mixed-ish -- where he was joined by his co-star and on-screen wife, Tika Sumpter -- and the actor addressed his involvement in the hotly anticipated revival series, which will soon begin production.

"I am going back!" Gosselaar teased, excitedly.

For his role in Mixed-ish -- which is set in the mid-1980s -- Gosselaar plays a former hippie, rocking a long mop of brown hair, thick sideburns and some scuff.

It's a far cry from the "preppy" blonde 'do he rocked as a teen for his role as Bayside High School student Zack Morris -- and Gosselaar explained that he'll be undergoing a bit of a style switch-up.

"I'm going to shave this and put a wig on," said the 45-year-old actor who also explained that, as part of the revival, his character has moved up in the world: "Zack's the Governor of California."

While he may have been one of the preeminent teen heartthrobs of his day, Gosselaar admits that the young stars of Mixed-ish, who play his children, "don't give a sh**" about his Saved By the Bell fame.

"OK, I've seen a clip, but I haven't seen like, an episode," 7-year-old Mykal-Michelle Harris admitted to ET.

"My mom showed me a picture of him with his blonde hair and I'm like, 'That's not Mark-Paul!" 11-year-old Ethan William Childress added in disbelief.

For 15-year-old Arica Himmel, Gosselaar's early fame serves as something of a real inspiration for them.

"It's so weird seeing him on TV that young," Himmel added. "It's like, 'Wow! He started out young like us!'"

As for their heartfelt ABC sitcom Mixed-ish, the show still has six episodes left before the first season finale, and Sumpter revealed that the '80s setting made her realize something she never would have thought otherwise.

"I actually really like the clothes!" Sumpter revealed. "I didn't think I would like them that much, but they're actually really now."

Mixed-ish airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.



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