Mark Ruffalo Shares His Kids Shot a Scene for 'Thor: Ragnarok': 'They Had a Great Day' (Exclusive)

The father of three shared with ET what it was like having his kids on set with him.

Mark Ruffalo had a take-your-kids-to-work-day while filming Thor: Ragnarkok in Australia. 

The 49-year-old actor -- who portrays Bruce Banner/The Hulk in The Avengers and Thor films -- shared with ET's Cameron Mathison during a junket for the comic book sequel that moviegoers may spot his three kids, Keen, 16, Bella, 12, and Odette, 9, in one of the scenes.

"I don't know if you can see them ...but they were in the car in the party scene where Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is taking [Bruce] Baner (Ruffalo) around this crazy new place," he revealed. "They were in that scene, they were dressed up as Dr. Seuss characters basically. They were on set all day."

Ruffalo said his kids were beyond thrilled to be in front of the camera -- just like their dad! "They were like, 'The camera was on us. It was on us,'" he mused. "They had a great day. They were there all day, which is exactly the experience I want them to have."

The action star noted that while his kids enjoyed the experience, they were over set life by the end of the day. "I was like, 'How was it? They were like, 'It was good.' I was like, 'You want to do it tomorrow?' [They responded,] 'Uh, no.'"

As for what his children think of him playing The Hulk, Ruffalo quipped, "They're so over me."

"No, no, they love it," he added, noting that his daughter tells her friends at school, "My dad's The Hulk."

ET also caught up with Ruffalo's co-star, Chris Hemsworth, who talked about how he too made the movie set a family affair when he worked with wife Elisa Pataky on Horse Soldiers.

Check out our exclusive interview with the 34-year-old actor:

Thor: Ragnarkok hits theaters on Nov. 3.

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