Mark Ruffalo Loses Wallet and Phone, but Two Adorable Girls Come to His Rescue!

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See the adorable detectives who found the actor's lost items.

Winter Storm Jonas definitely put a strain on East Coast residents over the weekend, but things got even rougher for Mark Ruffalo.

The 48-year-old actor was out and about in the blizzard and somehow managed to lose a few very important items.

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"APB out for a cell phone in a wallet case out on the streets of NYC in a blizzard," he wrote on Twitter Saturday. "My driver's license is in there. Reward and signed pic."

In around 18 minutes, and with the help of his 2.1 million followers, The Avengers star found all his missing items.

"OMG It was just found!" Ruffalo tweeted. "That was freaking fast. Thanks for helping me find it!!"

The best part? The two adorable little girls who found them!

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“Thank Amenaide and Catherine Brown for finding my Phone and wallet! Thanks Brown family for your decency,” he added sharing a picture with the sweet sleuths.

This isn't the first time a Twitter user has come to Ruffalo's rescue. In July 2014, the actor left his wallet in a cab in Chicago and a man found it and tweeted at the Oscar nominee. "Thank you! Wow!" Ruffalo responded. "Another point for the decency in people…you are a hero!"

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