Mark Wahlberg Celebrates Daughter Ella's 1-Year Anniversary With Boyfriend

Mark Wahlberg
Randy Holmes via Getty Images

When it comes to her boyfriend, it's clear Mark Wahlberg's daughter has her famous dad's stamp of approval.

When it comes to dating, it looks like Mark Wahlberg's teenage daughter doesn't have to worry too much about her famous dad. 

The actor's oldest child, Ella, 18, recently celebrated her first anniversary with her boyfriend, James. In honor of the couple's milestone, Mark took to social media to sweetly commemorate the special occasion. 

"Happy 1 year anniversary Ella and James 🙏❤️🙏 I’m so happy for you guys!" the Wahl Street star wrote on Instagram. "I couldn’t be more proud of you Ella!! I love you guys."

Meanwhile, some fans couldn't help but point out a resemblance between James and Mark. "That guy could be your son as well 😂 like a young Wahlberg!" one comment read. 

"Mark this is your twin in this picture," another fan echoed. 

Others were happy to see the blockbuster star supporting his daughter. "Now that's a father!!" a fan praised. Along with Ella, Mark is also dad to daughter Grace, 12, and sons Michael, 15, and Brendan, 13, with his longtime wife, Rhea Durham.  

This isn't the first time Mark has publicly shared his approval of his daughter's boyfriend. In January, he posted a video of him and James in the gym together. "I used to work out to keep the boys away from my girls and now [I'm] working out with the boyfriend," he quipped in the clip. "Imagine that."

Jokes aside, it's clear he's fond of the guy in his daughter's life. "Ella is a lucky girl and I’m a lucky dad!" Mark captioned the post. "He is a great young man."