Marlo Hampton Storms Out of 'RHOA' Dinner After Confrontation With Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams (Exclusive)

Marlo Hampton is over the drama on The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Things get heated on 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' during the cast's trip to New Orleans, so Marlo Hampton opts out of the drama.

And to all a "goodnight, fake-a** b***hes!" That's Marlo Hampton's message to her The Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars in ET's exclusive sneak peek at Sunday's all-new episode. The ladies are still on their girls' getaway in New Orleans, when a dinner with Big Freedia (yes, the rapper/bounce artist) takes a nasty turn. It all starts when Kandi Burruss calls out Marlo for unnecessarily inserting herself into the ongoing drama between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore, just because she recently repaired her relationship with Kenya. It seems Porsha is unwilling to trust Marlo now due to her connection to Kenya, who has refused to drop her inquiry into the alleged sexual activity between Porsha and Bolo, the stripper who performed at Cynthia Bailey's bachelorette party in Charleston, South Carolina.

"Both of y’all -- Porsha, I love you to death," Marlo announces to the table. "[Kenya] would never be able to have me cross you in no kind of way. Kenya, I’m moving baby steps with you, but I love where we’re at and it feels good."

Kenya isn't having it, though, adamant that Porsha slept with Bolo and anyone who is willing to let that slide without Porsha's confirmation isn't "telling the whole truth." 

"Porsha told me it did not happen and that's what we're going with," Marlo tells Kenya, who then says Marlo is making this "messy" by airing it all out in front of Freedia... even though no details have really been spilled. Marlo says, fine, leave Freedia out of it and just have a conversation woman to woman between Porsha and Kenya to squash the whole thing once and for all. 

"I no longer have anything else to say," Porsha tells Marlo after exclaiming "wow" a number of times during Marlo and Kenya's back-and-forth over the supposed hook-up. "I no longer have anything else to say."

Watch the heated exchange for yourself here:

Marlo is willing to let the whole thing go, asking the two women to just keep each other's names out of their mouths when they're interacting with Marlo. Both Kenya and Porsha say they never speak about the other to Marlo, which sets off Marlo.

"Both of you have me in an uncomfortable position," she declares. "Both of you motherf**kers talked to me about each when I wasn’t there!" 

Porsha doesn't take kindly to being labeled a "motherf**ker," sparking a symphony of censors, bleep after bleep as Porsha and Marlo speak over each other. Marlo eventually opts out of the dinner, storming out with quite the iconic send-off: "I’mma do you, and I’mma do you. Goodnight with y’all fake a**es. Goodnight, fake-a** b***hes. Goodnight!"

Ahead of the season, Kenya opened up to ET about the state of her friendships (or lack thereof) with Marlo and Porsha.

"I think that I am always -- and have always -- been a very forgiving person," Kenya shared of reconciling with Marlo, "but you have to work to get that forgiveness, meaning apologize and then, changed behavior. That's all I've ever really asked of someone who is sincere, and we had a moment where we had a very sincere and honest conversation after, obviously, dueling it out all [last] season and, you know, I have to say, it's very -- It's one of the highlights of the entire season."

As for Porsha, Kenya offered this: "[The] things that she's doing to me, especially this season, is just, it's just really disgusting. When people don't want to be friends with you because they feel threatened, or they feel a certain way that they don't want you to be bigger than them… I think that is really what comes into play, and that's a page out of [NeNe Leakes'] book, honestly -- and she's been taking a lot of pages out of Nene's book lately, and not in a good way."

"The attitude, the showing up three hours late to the set, the demanding of certain things happen [and] footage being taken out because she doesn't like the way that she looks," Kenya rattled off, "you know, that's kind of NeNe behavior. So, unfortunately, yeah, we have a little NeNe, Jr. on our set."

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