'Married to Medicine's Quad Webb on 'Explosive' Heavenly Kimes Intervention and What Comes Next (Exclusive)

Quad Webb breaks down season 9 of 'Married to Medicine' so far, from her full-time return to the drama with the group... and at home!

Quad Webb is back where she belongs: posing for the camera as a digitally altered voice coos her name in the opening credits for Married to Medicine every Sunday night. The OG star of the hit Bravo series reclaimed her full-time spot for season 9 after taking a step back into "friend of" territory in season 8.

"It feels great to be back in the intro in my rightful position," Quad admits, speaking with ET over video chat from her Atlanta-area home. "I think last season definitely lended to the value in which I bring to the show -- and I think me not being present was definitely felt."

"I don't wish I was full-time last year, last season at all," she shares. "Things happened the way they were supposed to. I think it afforded me the opportunity to have some time to take care of some things that I needed to put a button on. And then not only that, I think it allowed the network to see my true value and worth in which I bring to the table in reference to the project, Married to Medicine."

Out of the muck of her divorce from her ex, Dr. Gregory Lunceford (for the curious, they do not speak), Quad is back in the mix big time in season 9. The season is off to an intense start, with most of the group fed up with Dr. Heavenly Kimes' behavior, especially online. For the past few years, Heavenly's recapped Married to Medicine on her YouTube channel, sharing her unfiltered opinions on the wives' lives. It seems her comments about Dr. Contessa Metcalfe's marriage (which was headed for divorce, but course corrected between seasons 8 and 9) proved to be the breaking point, with Contessa organizing an "intervention" of sorts for Heavenly under the guise of a movie night. When the ladies settled into Contessa's home theater, the familiar sounds of the Universal Pictures theme did not play; instead, a montage of Heavenly's harshest quips about all the women streamed from the projector.

"If you go back to the episode, I literally, I peeped the scene. I said, 'Oh, OK... this is what we're doing? Oh, OK... You... oh, OK,'" Quad recalls. "So this is really, we're going to confront her? This is not really an intervention, and it came across as such. The deal is I'm very diplomatic in this approach because I see both sides of the coin. As a friend, I don't think it's fair for you to jump on any social media or whatever platform and dog out your friends, especially say some things that's completely not true about them."


"The other side of the coin is that I don't believe that if you're really trying to get to the core of the reason as to why someone is doing something-- I think you need to take more of a tender approach," she continues. "I think you need to take more of a empathetic approach and you need to really do that with people, individuals that this particular person trust. In this case, it would be Heavenly. So I think Contessa probably should have rallied with myself and Dr. Jackie [Walters] so we can really get through to Heavenly to say, 'Hey, we don't know what your version of friendship looks like, but we can most certainly teach you and tell you what it shouldn't look like...' And so when all of that happened, when I initially saw what was going on, I knew that Heavenly was going to flee. I knew she was going to flee."

Heavenly did in fact flee after sitting through the entire mash-up of moments, through much of which she awkwardly cackled.

"I felt that the whole laughing component, she was not laughing because it was funny," Quad surmises. "I don't think that Heavenly was laughing because she thought that, 'Oh my god, this is hilarious.' No, that was a very nervous laugh."

"It was more like, 'Oh my god, I'm caught red-handed. They got me. What do I do? How do I get out of this? So I'm just going to laugh my way out of this because it's uncomfortable for me to have to deal with it and that's how I felt,'" she adds. "I believe wholeheartedly that's what the laugh was about."

Before Heavenly exited Contessa's house, she had an intense confrontation with her one-time close friend in the hallway. The two shouted over one another as the rest of the cast sat inside the (not-so-soundproof) theater, wondering whether they should intervene. Ultimately, the group opted to sit and wait it out.

"[Things] get worse," Quad teases of what's still to come in the aftermath of the intervention. "They get worse. It gets explosive, very much so."

Knowing what unfolded over the course of filming, Quad confidently says she sees no future for Heavenly and Contessa's friendship.


"There's no trust there," she explains. "There's no trust on either end and they won't see me trying to merge and push and stick them together, because I'm going to respect their boundaries. I think that relationship has run its course, at least for a number of years. I don't foresee either of them really-- I don't even think they have a desire to want to be close again because they were really, really, really close."

"Could they be cordial? Absolutely," Quad surmises. "Will they ever divulge any personal thing? Contessa is never... listen, Contessa never probably going to ever tell anyone on this particular show -- while on the show -- anything about her personal life. I think those days are over."

Last season, Contessa confided in Quad about her marital struggles, and even let Quad speak on her behalf at the season 8 reunion, where Quad revealed Contessa filed for separation from her husband, Scott.

"She leaned towards me to be able to, I guess be her mouthpiece, which I thought was very weird because it's your marriage, it's your life and speak on it, but as a friend, I wanted to show support for her," Quad shares, "but at the same time, it was pretty challenging for me. But this is what she asked me to do and I happily oblige because I wanted to show my support for her. But ultimately I do support the Metcalfes. I do support their marriage and I'm happy to say, I think they're doing better, much better."

Quad's grown close with Heavenly after they worked out some of their own issues last year, so she's in a bit of a tough situation, stuck between feuding friends. However, she says she's keeping healthy boundaries in place.

"I'm not really going to let one say too much about the other, that's out of line," she says. "I think everyone knows that about me. In this particular case, I'm very diplomatic because I care for both of them. I think both of them are beautiful, smart women. And I don't have an issue with Contessa and I don't have an issue with Heavenly. I do have to deal with Heavenly about some things, but in terms of having an overall issue with her, I don't."

Those "things" Quad references include Heavenly's comments about her from the YouTube recaps. As eagle-eyed viewers noted, Quad actively took notes during the cast's screening of Heavenly's online insults.


"I really had my pencil and my pen out thinking I was going to deal with it down to the intervention, but that didn't happen," Quad quips. "[I wrote down] every damn thing that was coming out of her mouth, because I wanted to address it."

"She said that she said I had fillers, I don't have fillers," she then rattles off. "I have never had any augmentation on my body minus the surgery that I had to get my fibroids removed. My body is given to me by Jesus -- thank you, Lord! -- via my mother. So all of those things were lies. And the whole comment about me, what did she say? Sleeping with married men or sleeping with the contractor? Yeah, that's a no for me too."

"What I do? Pay him," Quad clarifies. "He's under contract, honey. That's what I did. ... I paid him coins, honey, coins. Do you understand what I'm saying? I did wire transfers now. I wouldn't sleep with anybody who I have to pay, OK? I'm just saying."

Quad kept her composure in the moment (save for one bizarre exchange with Dr. Simone Whitmore, in which Simone went on a mini-rant about being an American, a comment that still cracks up Quad), but the same can't be said for the rest of the women -- and Quad says they're allowed to feel their feelings when it comes to Heavenly's jabs.

"Heavenly has said some nasty s**t," she notes. "Let's just keep it real, you know? And it's out there. It's not that someone is saying, 'Well, do we think she said that?' 'Well, we don't know that she said that...' No, we actually saw that she said it. And we know that we can't tell people how to feel. And we can't gauge how they should feel in terms of whatever you may say. So I can't say [anyone's] overly sensitive. I can say that these are things that made them feel hurt and sad and it angered them."

From what Quad hints is still to come, there could be some moments of anger thrown her way, too.

"A lot of people should be nervous, yeah," she teases. "If you had my name in your mouth in any type of negative way, you should probably be on pins and needles and be nervous. You should probably be shaking in your boots right now."

Reclaiming her full-time spot, Quad knew some of the ladies might be "upset" ("But the doll is back -- fix your face"), but she did not let that affect her approach to filming. This year, fans are seeing Quad step into her role as "mauntie" (mom + auntie) to her nephew, Mason. 


"It's been a great opportunity for me to stand in the absence of my younger brother who recently passed, which is Mason's father, of course," she shares. "Family has always been first with me. My father, since I could remember, would always tell me if anything were to happen to him, that I would be responsible for the family. Little did I know that my father was going to pass away at the tender age of 56."

"I've always felt like I am my family's keeper and I'm responsible for them," she says. "So it was a no brainer when it came down to us just coming together as a family to see what was the next best move for Mason. And both his mom and I thought that Georgia was a good place for the both of them -- and she too lives here in the area -- and we wanted to provide him with the best school system and any resources that I have. And that's just what we did. It was just a no brainer."

Quad says viewers will see the dynamic between her and Mason's mom ("It just works like a village") as the season continues. With Mason and her own mom living with her, Quad's life is a bit like a family sitcom, but she's also finding a little time for love. 

"The dating is still dating, Miss Ma'am is still dating now," she laughs. "Now, here's the thing: I date the people outside of the home. I don't bring everyone to my household. Of course, again, my mom is here and then of course Mason is here. And so when you realize you have little eyes that's watching you and looking up to you, you want to make sure you're definitely putting the most positive image in front of their faces right."

"But my floor plan is lovely and I have my own wings," she cracks. "So, I'm OK. So the privacy is there, but still I am mindful that I do have a young mind that's with me and I need to make sure he understands how a woman is to conduct herself and he needs to have an image of stability and I want to make sure that I provide that."

As for what's set to unfold with the group, Quad is excited to relive their trip to Las Vegas -- "The ladies truly let their hair down, honey, and they got wild. The people got wild." -- and for the audience to meet the newest member of their crew, Audra Frimpong.


"Audra is a very smart, young lady and what I think-- people always try to say, 'Oh, well the newbies just trying to get in there. They're just trying to create an issue and trying to be seen and trying to get a moment...' Not in this case with Audra," she offers. "As the season progresses, you'll see that Toya [Bush-Harris] consistently takes digs at Audra, from her work ethic and how good she is as an attorney, to the clothes that she wears on her back. So Toya is just consistently picking at this girl."

That picking leads to another explosive moment, teased in the trailer, with Audra and Toya in each other's faces. Fans got a first look at the lead-up to their confrontation in a "Meet Audra" feature Bravo dropped this week, in which Audra exposes information about Toya's financial situation after she gave up her "dream house."

"She came with big facts, she came well researched," Quad says. "She is a real estate attorney. You have real estate issues? You should probably not mess with the real estate attorney. I'm just saying, my train of thought."

Married to Medicine airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo, with episodes streaming on Peacock the next day.


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