Martha Stewart Sells Her Things to Blake Lively, Jimmy Fallon and More in ‘Great American Tag Sale'

ET spoke to Stewart about her first-ever yard sale and the items she was selling.

Martha Stewart hosted her first-ever yard sale and she had lots of famous faces in attendance.

Blake Lively, The View's Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar and Kris Jenner all made an appearance at Stewart's New York home. The yard sale was held as part of a new ABC special The Great American Tag Sale With Martha Stewart, which will see the lifestyle guru part ways with pieces from her vast collection of furniture, art and housewares.

Stewart spoke to ET about the sale which helped raise more than $800,000 for The Martha Stewart Center for Living at Mount Sinai Hospital, which provides assisted living to older adults and their families.

"I'm having my first-ever, very exciting, tag sale. It's going to be a blast," Stewart said. "I have thousands of items that I've collected and stored and loved over the years, and never before have I run out of space as I've run out of space right now."

In addition to neighborhood buyers, Stewarts's famous friends snapped up a few items including Jimmy Fallon, who sent his decorator to buy beds for a new bunkbed room that he's making, and Lively, who bought a set of jadeite glassware.

"I have lots and lots and lots of friends, as you can imagine, and I've lived in this neighborhood for just about 20 years now," She shared. "And there are lots of people that you might know in the neighborhood. All of them have expressed an interest in coming to the tag sale, and I think that people just like to go to tag sales."

What makes it more intriguing? The fact that Stewart's never sold her precious wares off like this before.

"The fact that I have never had a tag sale. I have never sold any of my precious things -- I think is rather appealing to a lot of people," Stewart surmised. "So, we'll see. I expect a rather lively and interesting crowd."

There's a little bit of something for everyone at the sale, from art to clothing and of course, furniture and a host of kitchen items.

"I guarantee there are many, many beautiful pieces of art. There are wonderful pieces of clothing, there are fantastic shoes. There are fantastic kitchen items, lots and lots of silverware and flatware and bake-a-lite," the TV personality listed. "I don't know if there's any jewelry, I haven't decided about the jewelry yet, but there is lots of glassware and dishes and bowls and baskets. It will boggle your mind when you see the quantity of stuff at this particular sale."

Check out The Great American Tag Sale With Martha Stewart airing Wednesday night on ABC.