'Masked Singer': The Gremlin Shocks the World With 1st Ever Self-Elimination -- See Who Was Under the Costume!

The Gremlin on 'The Masked Singer'
Michael Becker/FOX

There wasn't even a vote this week, when The Gremlin just decided to rip off their own mask and reveal themselves to the world!

Well that was unexpected! In a move unlike any seen before in the history of The Masked Singer, Monday's big night saw a costumed contestant decide to eliminate themselves from the competition before voting even took place!

After a night of top-notch performances and fun clue packages, The Gremlin took the stage to deliver a touching, gravelly-voiced rendition of "Stand By Me," that both baffled and impressed the panelists.

After the performance, The Gremlin got choked up -- while still in costume -- explaining that it meant a lot to him to perform the tune, because it was once performed by a close friend of his who recently died.

After Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and Jenny McCarthy all made their First Impression guesses, and weighed in on who might be under the mask, the show didn't even get a chance to move to voting, because The Gremlin decided his costume was too hot, and he was tired to wearing the mask.

As The Gremlin pulled at his mask, and host Nick Cannon asked for help from the show's "men in black," the judges couldn't believe what they were seeing. But when it became clear that this was happening one way or the other, they just rolled with the flow.

Then, they were all floored by the reveal.

As it turns out, McCarthy was spot-on when she guessed it was Oscar-nominated actor Mickey Rourke! The Wrestler star apparently just got hot and didn't feel like doing any more of the show, so he ripped off his mask and eliminated himself with a smile.

When asked why he did the show in the first place, Rourke laughed and said, "I was in the neighborhood."

"I do like the show. I watched, like, four episodes, you know. They asked me, 'Would you be interested?' So I watched, like, from the very beginning and all that s**t," Rourke said.

Despite clearly not wanting to keep getting into the very warm costume, the actor appeared to have enjoyed his five-minutes on stage and ended the show with an unmasked encore performance of "Stand By Me" that was the perfect conclusion to this week's supremely weird episode.

Last week, at the end of the fantastic premiere, The Dragon ended up getting voted off, and revealed himself to be none other than rap icon Busta Rhymes.

Check out the video below to hear more from the legendary artist about his time on the show and his surprisingly inspiring reason for signing on to compete.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.