'The Masked Singer': All the Biggest Performances and Most Revealing Clues From the Season 4 Premiere!

'The Masked Singer' Season 4 Premiere
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The Masked Singeris back and bigger than ever in its grand return, and ET is following along throughout the entire season 4 premiere to break down all the biggest moments, best performances, and most revealing clues.

Fox's smash hit who-sung-it reality competition has only grown bigger and better since last season, with a field of 16 contestants who will be rocking a slew of brand new, mind-blowingly ornate and elaborate costumes while performing some beloved hits.

Everyone's favorite panel of celebrity "detectives" -- including Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, and Jenny McCarthy -- will try their best to guess the singers' secret identities, as fans at home keep their eyes peeled for all the smallest and most revealing clues.

The fun kicks off at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox, so watch and follow along as we delve into the glorious madness and bizarre, captivating chaos that is The Masked Singer season 4!

Who is The Dragon?

5:59 AM:

The judges' first impression guesses are revealed!

Jenny's First Impression: Adrian Peterson.

Jenny's Final Guess: DMX.


Ken's First Impression: Marshawn Lynch.

Ken's Final Guess: Michael Phelps.


Nicole's First Impression AND Final Guess: Busta Rhymes


Robin's First Impression AND Final Guess: Busta Rhymes


So who was it? After the long unmasking process, it turns out Robin and Nicole know what they are talking about!

Busta Rhymes was, in fact, The Dragon, and the rap superstar reflected on wearing the heavy costume: "I definitely felt like I was in an oxygen tank without oxygen. But it definitely brought back all of the incredible crazy outfits!"

And the First Contestant Going Home Is...

5:57 AM:

... The Dragon!

WHAT!?!? How is this possible? The Dragon was awesome!

Well, let's see how the first impression guesses went....

The Owls 'Say Something' Magical

5:52 PM:

In the first duet in Masked Singer history, the Snow Owls belt out a cover of "Say Something" by Great Big World, and it's genuinely beautiful.

Nicole, as always, was basically brought to tears by the incredible performance, and as silly as a dual-contestant costume might seem, they really pulled if off.

"The way they fell with the lyrics, they way they trembled their voices at the same time, it was utter perfection," Robin marveled. "Outstanding!"

The Panelists' Guesses:

Robin says it's Amy Grant and Vince Gill

Jenny thinks it's Donny and Marie Osmond (even though Donny Osmond was already a Masked Singer runner-up from Season 1).

Ken thinks it's Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara. (It's not. Come on, Ken!)

The Snow Owls -- FIRST CLUES

5:47 PM:

The Snow Owls:

- First off, there are two of them, so that's weird!

- They say, "You haven't seen us together in a while. But now it's time for a family reunion.

- Based on the voices and hints, it appears that one owl is male and the other is female, which could mean siblings?

- We see a clam with a white pearl inside.

- The Lady Owl (which is what she'll go by from here on out) says The Owl Man (also what he'll go by now) is "a prankster" and "a real wise guy" to which he says, "Anything for a laugh," before squirting water out of a rose on his lapel.

- We see wooden direction signs for "Magnolia" and "Quarrel Canyon."

- Says they were in Hollywood together, and that they love Christmas.

The Dragon Wants to Knock You Out

5:41 PM:

The Dragon drops everyone's jaws with his insanely gravelly voice which he used to slay a performance of LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out."

After the explosive number, The Dragon said that becoming the dragon has "been an incredible experience" and that the outfit makes him look like "one of the most powerful and dominant creatures in existence."

The Panelists' Guesses:

Jenny thinks it could be DMX.

Ken, always trying to be the absolute worst guesser, says he thinks it's Michael Phelps.

Robin says it's Busta Rhymes, and Nicole agrees.

The Dragon -- FIRST CLUES!!

5:36 PM:

The Dragon:

- Says, "Welcome to my lair. Sorry it's a bit humid in here!"

- Says, "Dressing up in funky, outrageous costumes isn't new to me."

- Says, "Like a dragon, I've always been a fire breathing beast on a quest to be the best" as he runs a lap while being timed with a stop-watch.

- Says "At first, my fire was dangerous. But then, I got a tip to help me calm down and switch gears. And now, I got me this shiny treasure den."

- We see his "treasure den" and it's filled with piles of gold coins, as well as gold medals and some golden trophies, as well as a barbell and a golden dog bone above a fire place.

- Says, "Tonight I'm coming on stage to prove my fire's still hot and to drag the Golden Mask back to my lair!"

The Popcorn Pulls Off A Perfect Pink Performance

5:30 PM:

The Popcorn is definitely the diva of Season 4, and when she sings Pink's "What About Us," the panelists can't even contain their excitement.

"Season 4 is off to a bang!" Jenny said.

Robin adds that he thinks he's heard Popcorn's voice before, and he's almost always spot-on when it comes to legendary diva voices.

The Popcorn explains why she chose the costume: "Just like popcorn, I can be quite buttery at times, and very salty, but also sweet."

The Panelists' Guesses:

Jenny says it could be Tina Turner.

Ken says it's Carole Baskin (because apparently the didn't know the Dancing With the Stars cast when they shot this premiere).

Nicole thinks it could be Mary J. Blige.

Sadly, we don't hear who Robin thinks it is, even though he probably already knows!

The Popcorn -- FIRST CLUES!!

5:26 PM:

The Popcorn:

- Says, "Hey all you cool corns and cornettes, I'm popcorn."

- We see a tiger on her bed.

- She's got a gold fish with big golden hoop earrings .

- Says, "I'm a real sweet corn with a jumbo sized heart."

- Says, "Straight up, I built a career around love. But that doesn't mean I'm soft. I'm a hard corn husk-ler."

- Says "To get where I am I worked long nights, rushin' from one job to the next."

- We see a plat of meatloaf with an apple and a green snake, alongside a note that said, "Welcome to the hood."

- We see her cutting letters and pictures out of a magazine to create something that looks like a ransom note.

- Talks about "Jet setting to exotic places with royalty."

- She's takes a spin on a "Proud Mary-Go-Round."

The Giraffe Gets It Started In Here

5:19 PM:

The Giraffe may or may not be a professional singer or a performer, but he delivers a wildly charismatic cover of "Let's Get It Started," by The Black Eyed Peas that really wins over the audience.

"Kudos to you, man," Nicole marveled in awe of his magnetic personality.

The Giraffe said he enjoys having "anonymity" in the costume, which is a nice change, adding that he liked performing this song because, "It was a big deal for me to not have to focus on my vocals."

The Panelists' Guesses:

Ken apparently thinks it's Garth Brooks (and goes on for so long The Giraffe actually sits down on stage to fall asleep).

Jenny says it could be Travis Barker.

Robin suggests it's Vanilla Ice (and the fact that Vanilla Ice hasn't already been on this show is baffling).

The Giraffe -- FIRST CLUES!!

5:15 PM:

The Giraffe:

- Has the tallest costume in the show's history.

- Says, "Step right up to my glorious carnival. I've had a roller coaster career, full of ups and downs!"

- Says, "Music is in my blood, but when I stuck my neck out and took a gigantic risk, I became the butt of everyone's jokes."

- We see people throwing apples and tomatoes at him.

- Says, "I was in knots" and it "felt like the party was over" while riding a Ferris wheel.

- We see him using a mallet on a "Ring The Bell" midway game, and a sign that reads "$3"

- Says, "With hard work, I drummed up towering success."

- Says, "Now I'm in the driver's seat, and I'm off to the races tonight. That's a wrap!"

The Panelists Give Their Best Sun Guesses

5:11 PM:

As an extra clue, The Sun says of her costume, "When I put this mask on I felt it was a reflection of who I am personally."

The Panelists' Guesses:

Nicole thinks it could be Katharine McPhee.

Jenny thinks it's Demi Lovato (which would be absolutely insane if true).

Ken thinks it could be Madonna. (Which is even less likely than Demi, but whatever!

A New Twist to The Format!

5:09 PM:

This year, the show is trying to get the judges to compete a little harder, so they are introducing a Golden Ear Trophy!

All based on first impressions, the panelists will all have to write down a guess on a card after hearing each contestant perform for the first time. Then, when the contestant is unmasked, Nick will reveal the panelists' guesses to see if any of them were correct. The panelist with the most correct first impression guesses wins the Golden Ear trophy at the end of the season!

The Sun Shines a Light on Lizzo

5:08 PM:

The Sun kicks off the premiere in a big way with an incredible rendition of Lizzo's "Cuz I Love You" that leaves the judges in awe.

A big voice, on-stage pyrotechnics and a shinning costume all add up to an incredible performance that just shines brighter than the actual sun itself.

"Nick, I am freaking out!" Jenny yelled. "What a way to kick off season 4!"

The Sun -- FIRST CLUES!!

5:05 PM:

The Sun:

- Her clue package is a cartoon.

- She's got a card that reads "Fun Director Gold Member"

- Says, "I've have some extreme seasons in my life."

- Says, "When I sprung into existence, I felt like the center of the universe. At first, stardom was great, but it was ton of pressure. The spotlight was scorching and I got burned out."

- Says, "I was frozen, but within the darkness of a quiet place, I transformed into a ray light!"

Tonight's First Performers!

5:04 AM:

Tonight, the first five contestants are duking it out!

We'll see performances from Group A: The Sun, The Giraffe, The Popcorn, The Dragon and The Snow Owls.

The Masked Singer Didn't Give Up Their Audience!

5:01 PM:

Unlike so many shows that have given up their cheering audiences, The Masked Singer decided to keep the energy with a smaller audience, paired with "super fans" who watch remotely and vote from home!

It's also possible that a lot of the audience reaction shots have been "augmented" or amplified, but whatever! Anything for a little sense of normalcy!

If you're trying to crack the mystery of the costumed contestants like the rest of America, check out our running list of spoilers, hints and best guesses, where we break down all the clue packages and make wild (surprisingly accurate) predictions about the singers' secret identities.

For more on the exciting third season of The Masked Singer, which came to an end on May 20 with a surprising finale, check out the video below.


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