'The Masked Singer' Season 4 Drops First Clue-Filled Promo for Upcoming Fall Premiere

'The Masked Singer'
FOX via Getty Images

It's time to break out the conspiracy corkboard and your red string -- The Masked Singer is returning! Fox dropped a clue-stuffed promo for the show's upcoming fourth season on Wednesday, and already fans are freaking out.

The trailer -- which doesn't directly give away much about the upcoming competition -- is all about hyping fans up for the chance to solve some new mystery identities.

However, clues scattered in pictures that pop up during the brief promo give fans some tantalizing hints as to whom might be singing -- or possibly what characters they might be dressed up as.

The promo, which itself has a clue-board motif, shows us some snapshots of different items, including:

- A cartoon queen bee (a costume we've already seen in season 1)
- A mixed greens-and-mushroom salad
- Tragedy and comedy masks
- Chinese firecrackers
- A book titled Country Cooking
- A potted cactus
- A bridge at night
- A baseball glove holding a large diamond
- Two pairs of gold sunglasses
- A gold microphone
- Some 8-mm film strips
- A pair of old hotel room keys (one with the number "34" on it)
- What appears to be a yin-yang hockey puck
- A red Canadian maple leaf
- A purple bowtie
- The number "11," twice, written in black ink on an index card
- A gavel
- A postcard made out to someone named "Mel Rose"
- A stethoscope

There was also some jellyfish imagery around the Masked Singer logo, and some Mad Hatter's top hat–esque symbols as well.

Are these clues to the costumes we might see? (For instance, The Cactus, The Judge, The Doctor, etc.) Or could they be clues to the identities of the masked singers themselves, which will only make sense when fans watch after the season starts? Maybe it's a combination of both? Only time will tell.

Adding to the mystery, The Masked Singer tweeted out a series of emjoi that reinforced the clues.

The show is reportedly looking to premiere in September, despite the fact that, due to the coronavirus outbreak and production shutdowns, it has not yet begun filming, according to Variety.

It appears the show's main panel of "celebrity detectives" -- Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke and Jenny McCarthy -- will all be returning for the forthcoming season. Notably, longtime host Nick Cannon doesn't appear in the promo, althoughDeadline reports that he will be returning to host after issuing an apology following his high-profile controversy earlier this month.

For more on the exciting third season of The Masked Singer, which came to an end May 20 with a surprising finale, check out the video below.


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