Matt Cohen Is ET's New Correspondent

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Welcome, Matt Cohen! 

The 37-year-old actor is ET's newest correspondent, joining the team after a successful TV career that included roles as Dr. Griffin Munro on General Hospital, as well as the Archangel Michael on Supernatural and parts on How to Get Away With Murder, The O.C. and 90210

Cohen -- who also serves as co-anchor of ET's weekend show -- is ready to show off his own personality on ET. He already has some big interviews under his belt, having spoken with stars like Tom Hanks, James Corden, Elisabeth Moss, Robin Thicke, Lucy Liu, Keanu Reeves, Melissa McCarthy and Amy Poehler.

Get to know Cohen with five fun facts below. 

1. He appreciates a good interview. 

Cohen's bucket list interview would be who he considers "the greatest interviewer in the modern day," Joe Rogan. "He has a way of talking to people and interviewing people like the everyman," he says of the comic, actor and TV host. "Joe Rogan would be my bucket list interview."

2. He's not starstruck by Hollywood stars. 

... but that doesn't mean Cohen doesn't get starstruck at all! "I can get star struck by boxers, believe it or not," he reveals. "I've boxed for about the last seven or nine years, and when I see Manny Pacquiao walk in a gym, my jaw drops and I have no words to speak. These are the greatest gladiators in modern day history."

"I truly love boxing. I love the competitiveness, the real, raw moment where you're standing in a ring and you absolutely can't hide from the thing that's in front of you. ... it's just fantastic," he says. 

3. He's got a big range of hobbies. 

When he's not working -- or boxing -- you can find Cohen gardening. "In my off time, I like to garden, plant fruits and vegetables, read about gardening, learn about agriculture," he explains. "I love the idea of being able to be sustainable, live off the land, grow these organic things for myself and my family."

4. Acting wasn't his first job. 

Racing runs in the family for Cohen, who grew up in Miami, Florida. His father was part of the NASCAR Craftsman SuperTruck series, and Cohen -- whose first job was working in his dad's auto body shop after school, grew up racing motocross, go-karts and stock cars. "I've been racing my whole life," he says. 

5. Only two actors could make the cut to play him in a biopic. 

"There's two names that pop into my mind as far as being just beautifully twisted enough to play my life story -- I would have to say a tie between Shia LeBeouf and Timothee Chalamet," Cohen shares. "I think both actors are incredible. I'm a wild fan of both these gentlemen, and if anybody could pull it off, it's one of those two."

Check out Cohen's interview with Olivia Newton-John in the video below. 


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