Matt Damon Ruins Chris Hemsworth's 'Kimmel' Interview: 'I'm On the Show!'

Matt Damon crashes Chris Hemsworth's interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The star brought his 'Thor: Ragnorak' cast to the show -- but an uninvited guest dropped in backstage.

After walking the carpet at the Thor: Ragnarok premiere on Tuesday night, Chris Hemsworth sat down for a chat on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but faced an uninvited guest -- Matt Damon.

During the interview, Hemsworth introduced some of his guests backstage, including co-star Mark Ruffalo and Thor director Taika Waititi.

As Ruffalo and Waititi began to chat, a surprise Matt Damon slowly leaned into the frame, trying to edge his way on camera.

"It's the mighty Thor not the mighty bore, so take a walk!" Kimmel yelled at his famous frenemy.

Back in the main theater, Hemsworth acted surprised. "I didn't invite him," he jokingly said.

"Why are you friends with him?" Kimmel asked.

"I feel sorry for him, he has nothing," Hemsworth replied..

While the two continued to mock Damon, he suddenly popped up on the big screen behind them. "I'm on the show!" he declared, saying he had "hacked into the system."

Damon even tried to chomp Kimmel's head, but the late night host put up his "emergency screensaver," a still of Damon with Michael Douglas in Behind the Candelabra.

Though Hemsworth teased Damon in the interview, the two are pals and shared a selfie on the red carpet at the premiere.

This isn't the first time Damon has tried to sneak on Kimmel's show. He's dressed as Tom Brady, and even clung to pal Ben Affleck under his coat to make an appearance.

For more on their "feud," watch the video below!