Matt James Says He 'Approves' of Hannah Brown's Rumored Boyfriend Adam Woolard (Exclusive)

Matt James Hannah Brown Split
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The 'Bachelor' added that Hannah and her ex, Tyler Cameron, are 'happy for each other.'

Hannah Brown's new love interest has Matt James' seal of approval. In an interview with ET's Lauren Zima on Tuesday, Matt said he's a big fan of Adam Woolard

"I couldn't approve more," Matt shared. "I actually had a chance to meet him, and he's incredible." 

"He's a really good guy, and I'm excited for Hannah and Tyler [Cameron] because I think people can see they can co-exist. They can be happy with people that aren't Tyler and Hannah," he continued. 

Hannah was photographed holding hands with Woolard in Los Angeles last month, while Tyler has been linked to model Camila Kendra. 

Matt, who has been friends with Tyler for years, quarantined with both Tyler and Hannah at the start of the pandemic last year. As he told ET, Tyler and Hannah have gotten to a place where they're "happy for each other." "I think this is gonna allow their friendship to blossom, and they're both growing and they're both in really good places," he said. "I'm happy for Hannah." 

Meanwhile, Matt's journey to find love continues to play out on The Bachelor -- and Tyler will be making an appearance on the show next week. 

"Tyler coming was just in time, because it was a point for me where I was feeling things I haven't felt before and I needed to talk to someone who had been through it," he teased. "And we had a little surprise in store for Tyler that he wasn't aware of." 

"I would keep your eyes open for that next week. It was probably one of the highlights of my time there, having your best friend there and potentially involved in something bigger than a conversation for me," he added. 

Next week will also mark the arrival of Hannah's friend Heather Martin, who appeared with her on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor. Promos hint Heather arrives thinking she'd be a match for Matt, but the other women aren't so receptive. 

"I was in shock, and I think that it will be very interesting to see how that plays out," Matt said. "I have a very strong relationship with Hannah and Heather is one of Hannah's best friends, so it's very interesting." 

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