Matthew McConaughey Navigates London's Criminal Underworld in 'The Gentlemen'

The Oscar winner has a new action-comedy hitting theaters!

Matthew McConaughey and director Guy Ritchie have a new rock 'em, sock 'em crime caper on the way!

The Gentlemen is a star-studded film that explores London's seedy underbelly, with its tongue firmly tucked in its cheek. McConaughey plays Mickey Pearson, an American who has made a fortune selling cannabis in the U.K. But now the sharks are circling and Mickey has to fight off anyone and everyone who's trying to swindle him or take over his business.

The trailer teases all manner of devious machinations including Fletcher (Hugh Grant) snapping photos with a telephoto lens, Mickey exchanging some heated words with Henry Golding's character and Coach (Colin Farrell) pulling a man out of a car trunk alongside Ray (Charlie Hunnam).

"In the jungle, the only way a lion survives [is] not by acting like the king," McConaughey explains in the voice over. "By being the king."

The trailer also features tons and tons of gunplay from Golding, Hunnam and Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery. That doesn't include McConaughey at one point ducking down in the back of a car as its riddled with bullets.

It appears as though Ritchie is returning to his roots a la Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch with this new quirky ensemble film, and it seems only fitting that Flaviar would team up with The Gentlemen to release a 23-year-old Speyside Scotch. Deer, Bear & Moose The Gentlemen by Flaviar was bottled in 1996 and is priced at $220.

As for The Gentlemen, it arrives in theaters on Jan. 24.