Maureen McCormick Puts Her 'Brady Bunch' Memory Skills to the Test -- Watch! (Exclusive)

The actress joined ET on Tuesday and took on a trivia challenge about her beloved sitcom.

Maureen McCormick is taking a walk down memory lane. The actress joined Kevin Frazier as a special guest co-host on Tuesday's Entertainment Tonight, and she put her memory of her beloved sitcom, The Brady Bunch, to the test.

For the fun segment, McCormick was presented with a series of clips from the 1970s sitcom, which would end in the middle of a line of dialogue, and she was tasked with completing the line.

So how did the actress fare when it came down to her Brady Bunch knowledge? Well, as it turns out, she's not necessarily a Brady Bunch buff.

"I've probably only watched that show once," McCormick said with a laugh, as she tried to recall some of her old lines. Check out the video to see how she does with the memory game.

McCormick also opened up about her new series, Frozen in Time, on Discovery+. Following the success of her 2019 HGTV show, A Very Brady Renovation, McCormick teamed up with designer Dan Vickery for a new series in which they travel around to homes stuck in the past, in terms of design, and bring them into the modern age.

"We're taking homes that have been stuck in the past, literally frozen in time," McCormick shared. "We're going in, refreshing them, but we're leaving the beautiful things from those years in them."

The star admits that some people have a harder time embracing change when it comes to their homes, but it's been an emotional and exciting experience.

"It's really hard when it's your place but it's wonderful to see them when they come back and it is redone and they're crying tears of joy," McCormick shared. "There's been a lot of tears, a lot of smiles and a lot of joy."

Frozen in Time is streaming now on Discovery+



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