Maya Rudolph and Jacob Tremblay Tease 'Disenchanted' and 'The Little Mermaid' (Exclusive)

Plus, Jim Gaffigan gives an update on filming 'Peter Pan & Wendy' with Jude Law.

Once you're in good with the Mouse House, who knows where you could end up? Take Jacob Tremblay, for example, who lends his voice to Disney and Pixar's new sea monster adventure, Luca, and will next star as Flounder in the studio's live-action take on The Little Mermaid.

"We started working on that before COVID," Tremblay tells ET's Matt Cohen. "Everyone on that film was, like, super nice. That's such an awesome environment. I had such a blast doing it, and I'm really excited for that one."

Helmed by Mary Poppins Returns director Rob Marshall, the movie stars Halle Bailey as Ariel and Jonah Hauer-King as Prince Eric (Tremblay's favorite character). In addition to Tremblay as Ariel's under-the-sea bestie, Daveed Diggs plays Sebastian, Awkwafina is Scuttle and Melissa McCarthy is Ursula, a character Tremblay describes as "like this giant sea witch monster with a crown."

"Little Mermaid is such a big part of my childhood, 'cause I was raised with two sisters and they would always put on Little Mermaid," Tremblay says. "So, I have the movie pretty good in my head."

Tremblay's onscreen parents in Luca, Maya Rudolph and Jim Gaffigan, each have their own upcoming Disney projects, with Rudolph joining Disenchanted as Malvina, a new foe for Amy Adams' Giselle.

"I'm very excited about it. I mean, that's Juicy Town, USA," she says. "When you're a kid and you're the villain, you're like, 'Come on! I wanna be a princess!' But then when you get older, like, the villain is fun."

Patrick Dempsey already revealed that he's singing in the Enchanted sequel, and Rudolph teases that she may be getting a wicked song and dance of her own. "Maybe your dreams will come true," she plays coy.

"It's weird, because I've seen it. It's a dance and a song more than a song and a dance," Gaffigan deadpans, to which Rudolph adds, "You know, it depends if you're closer to the North or the South Pole. Like, if you're closer to the North Pole, it's more of a dance than a song."

Gaffigan, meanwhile, will star in Disney's live-action retelling of Peter Pan, titled Peter Pan & Wendy, as Smee, first mate to Jude Law's Captain Hook. "Maybe you were misinformed, I actually play Wendy," Gaffigan jokes. "It's an amazing experience. It's this classic story, right? And obviously, the movie's mainly about Smee, so that's a relief that we're finally focusing on that."

"Thank god," Rudolph chimed in. "For years I've been waiting!"

"Right? Like, I watched the original one and besides all the racist stuff, I was like, 'Where's Smee?'" Gaffigan laughs. "It's a blast. They built an entire pirate ship and it's on a gimbal, so we're rocking. When you get home, you're kind of still rocking. I'm rocking right now!"

Luca is streaming exclusively on Disney+ on June 18.