'Mayans M.C.': 5 Burning Questions We're Hoping the Season 1 Finale Answers

'Mayans M.C.'
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The season finale of FX’s new hit show, Mayans M.C.airs on Tuesday night, ending a first season loaded with twists and turns, not to mention tons of crowd-pleasing action. So now we’re breaking down some nagging questions we’re hoping tonight's episode answers. Warning: spoilers ahead!

1) Will Angel and EZ attempt to kill ex-DEA agent Kevin Jimenez?

When the show’s penultimate episode ended, viewers discovered that Sons of Anarchy holdover Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) is leaning on the Reyes brother to do his bidding. His demand? Kill Kevin Jimenez (Maurice Compte), EZ’s former handler.

Both Angel (Clayton Cardenas) and EZ (J.D. Pardo) are responsible for plenty of violence since this story began. After all, the latter killed a cop, first landing him in prison and leading to his deal with the DEA. However, going after Jimenez sounds like a bridge too far. But considering Johnny “Coco” Cruz’s (Richard Cabral) mother’s death at his own hands, the series' writing team has already shown they are willing to take viewers to incredibly dark places.

You might have to go through hell, but you’re gonna come up,” Cabral previously told ET of the show’s brutal elements. “And you’re gonna get a little bit more dirty. You’re gonna get a little bit more scarred up but you’re not gonna die. You’re gonna keep on pushing through.” 

2) Will Galindo honor his alliance with Los Olvidados?

In previous episodes, cartel boss Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino) is propositioned by both Adelita (Carla Baratta) and Los Olvidados, as well as Potter. Ultimately, he chose to double cross the DEA’s office and form an alliance with the Mexican vigilantes. And nothing lent more finality to this than Adelita beheading the cartel’s consigliere, Devante (Tony Plana). 

Nevertheless, Los Olvidados plagued Galindo’s operations, destroying refineries and burning poppy fields. Not to mention kidnapping his only son. It’s hard to imagine a drug kingpin letting all that go. The Mayans have been instituted as the third party in this deal, making sure the trust is maintained. However, if something terrible were to happen, the M.C. would also have to straighten it out.

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3) Will Angel and Adelita strike up a romance? 

Early on in season one, there appeared to be the makings of some kind of romance between Adelita and EZ. A spark at the very least. However, Baratta pushed back at this observation while speaking with ET.

I don’t know if Adelita is a romantic person,” the Venezuelan actress stated. “I think she has other things to think about. At the same time, you can’t tell your heart when is the right time to love somebody. But for sure she’s really focused on other things right now… She’s a woman too, so we’ll never know.” 

Now though, Angel appears to have caught the rebel leader’s eye. Despite his claims to EZ that there’s nothing between them, they did share a kiss after she rescued him from corrupt Mexican officials. This potential relationship could also be extremely problematic considering the deal forged between her and Galindo. If it goes south, Angel would be caught in the middle.

4) Will EZ be able to keep his secret from the M.C.?

Back when only EZ and his father, Felipe Reyes (Edward James Olmos), knew he was a mole for the DEA, the secret seemed manageable (when they weren’t considering cutting him loose, of course). Now, however, Angel knows and he definitely has a grudge for his once overachieving younger brother. 

If properly motivated, could Angel give his brother up? After all, EZ has put his entire way of life at stake. On top of all this, Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) and Bishop’s (Michael Irby) hunt for the rat in their operation appears to be narrowing with each episode. 

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5) Will Felipe Reyes’ dark past be discovered?

Throughout the season, viewers learned that Papa Reyes wasn’t just a guy who ran a meat counter. He was once a ruthless killer in Mexico. Remember, before fleeing to America with his pregnant wife, Felipe committed atrocities as an inspector for División Antidrogas Federales (Mexico’s federal drug enforcement police). This means that when push comes to shove, Felipe might surprise us with his abilities. It also means he has a lot to hide from the people his sons are getting cozy with.

In the pilot alone, Galindo kills a Samoan gangster in a particularly gruesome way. It’s not inconceivable that the club could someday be tasked with making Felipe disappear. That sort of insidious dealing sounds possible with Galindo. 

Also remember, Adelita’s bond with Felipe's sons was not happenstance, she orchestrated it. Is she pulling the strings or is Galindo? Either way, Felipe is very vulnerable.

The season one finale airs at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

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