'Mayans M.C.': Danny Pino Hints at Miguel Galindo's 'Biggest Blind Spot' (Exclusive)

Danny Pino
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Miguel Galindo may be a fearsome cartel boss on Mayans M.C., but there's no denying that he's got a lot to lose.

In the first episode of season two, which premiered last week, the drug lord (played by Danny Pino) continues to work to make his business legitimate, but the path is fraught with peril. ET spoke with Pino following the premiere about his character's quest to be an upstanding citizen and all the dangers he's attempting to evade.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

"His choice of following through with the family business is something that he's paying the price for," Pino explained by phone. "And I think you continue to expect, as Miguel does, for things not to work out the way that even…his foresight predicts them to."

The new episode showcased a number of things changing since we last saw Galindo and his wife, Emily (Sarah Bolger). Viewers know that Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) left the Mayans in the season one finale and went to work as a close advisor to Galindo. 

However, what's not explained is why Galindo's mother, Dita (Ada Maris) has scarring all over her neck and back. Emily is now taking an active role in the upstanding aspects of Galindo's business, but it's clear that she doesn't know about the seedy dealings her husband is working to leave behind. 

Pino explained that, perhaps because of his character's intimate relationship with Emily, she could be his Achilles' Heel as he deals with the Mayans, U.S. attorney Potter (Ray McKinnon) and Los Olvidados.

"They're dealings are so personal, that may be Miguel's biggest blind spot," Pino hinted of his marriage. "Miguel tries to shield Emily from the harsher realities of his illicit business and he's attempting to have Emily embrace the more legitimate side of the business. And make good on promises that he's made to her about moving out of the cartel and more towards the Galindo enterprises… I think you can expect for there to continue to be secrets."

'Mayans M.C.'
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As for bringing Marcus in as consigliere for the cartel, Pino admitted to his character's happiness, considering the former Mayan's warm relationship with his family. But he also hinted that deception could be afoot as well.

"Marcus Alvarez, to Galindo's mind, is a man of integrity," he stated. "A man who had an obvious, close relationship with [Galindo's father]. I don't think there are any characters in this world … Who are completely at ease with one another. This is the Serengeti. This is Darwinism at its best. So, you're constantly looking at people's motive for doing what they do."

Besides bringing Marcus into the fold, the Galindo Cartel has also struck a deal to end the violence between them and Adelita's (Carla Baratta) band of outsiders. We learn in the new episode that the Mayans are playing both sides of this, pretending to help Potter eliminate them, while also working with Los Olvidados to better impoverished communities. Oh, and Adelita is pregnant -- and not even Galindo knows who the father is.

Discussing Marcus and Galindo's other business dealings, Pino continued: "You bring your enemies closer. You bring the people who might be a problem, you bring them close… Of course, that doesn't often work out the way you expect them to work out."

The veteran TV star also admitted that, among the cast, anticipation to find out what comes next on the show is just as potent as it is for viewers.

"I remember, I read a script [while] watching a movie with my children at the movie theater," he shared. "It has that level of intrigue for me… And then, of course, you come to the end of the script and you have that nervous anticipation, 'cause you can't wait to find out what happens."

Mayans M.C. airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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