McMartin Family Trial Gets 2-Hour Special at Oxygen: Watch a Sneak Peek

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The network is revisiting the most expensive trial in American history in an upcoming two-hour special.

Oxygen will revisit the McMartin Preschool scandal in an upcoming two-hour special. 

Uncovered: The McMartin Family Trials will air next month, taking a special look at the 1983 case, when a Manhattan Beach community was rocked by a child's allegation that their preschool teacher had molested them. The claim turned into a frenzy, with many children coming forward, and eventually seven teachers were charged, with two standing trial for their alleged crimes. The seven-year trial is the most expensive in American history, at $15 million, but leading to no convictions. 

The Oxygen special will include first-hand accounts from key players, including alleged victim Elizabeth Cioffi and her parents, lawyers for the defense and prosecution, and Kevin Cody, Publisher of The Easy Reader, which featured extensive coverage of the case as it unfolded.

Watch a sneak peak below. 

Uncovered: The McMartin Family Trials airs Saturday, July 27 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on Oxygen.